Rapid flashing green LED status light with no picture, no telemetry, not camera control - Help - What part has failed

Mar 22, 2021
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Hi there,

(symptoms - on powerup, rapid green flashing status light, no image, no telemetry displayed i.e. battery voltage, flight mode, altitude, camera settings) cannot move camera. Controller connects, drone still fly's).

Hoping someone might have some insight into why my drone has recently failed.

I have a P4P, which has never had a previous issue - never been involved in any crashes or incidents. Recently, I have experienced an issue on boot up where the camera /SD card LED status light starts to rapidly blink green and flashes about 2-3 times per second indefinitely. When this happens on boot up, no image or telemetry is transmitted, despite the controller establishing a normal connection with the drone. No image, telemetry data (battery voltage and percent, SD card info, camera info, no gimbal control etc) works. It just sits in the go fly screen with no image and limited information. It seems worse when the drone warms up (after first boot), indicating to me this is a hardware issue. Occasionally, it works as normal first time following a cold boot up and will continue to work as normal until the power is cycled. From that point onwards, it will not work again until left overnight. I have removed the sd card. I have reset the camera settings. I have done a factory reset and have updated the firmware. I have done all available calibrations using DJI assist software on a PC. I have also used several different android devices with different cables, with no change in the rate of boot up failure occurrences. I am out of ideas and require a diagnostic review of the drone. I believe it’s a hardware issue, possibly the 3-in-1 board.

Has anyone experience this failure before and what was the issue?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Scott

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