Loose gimbal tape and damaged screws

Apr 8, 2017
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I noticed that my gimbal tape isn't stuck to arm. It is loose and when camera is rotating down and up it wipes it. I don't know what to do with this, how can i stick it in? Can it damage my gimbal?
Another thing is that my screw have damaged top. I can't twist them out :( is there any way how to do this?
I also send a few pictures of my drone. I appreciate your help


If it were mine, I would look for a small screw/bolt extractor at Ace or one of the box stores. You also need to drill a small hole in the screw to be extracted.

There are also screw extractors which do not require drilling a hole. I found a set on Amazon which will remove screws of size #4 down to #14.

I have also used a liquid which adds friction to the top of the screw and it works real well if you can get a little bite with the screwdriver.
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I assume you're talking about the wire tape? This can be purchased online quite easily. Also, it is quite easy to put on. I believe there are YouTube videos out there were people do this and you can watch the procedure.
Yes but it is working. I don't need to replace it, i just need to stick it in.
I can't see in any of your pictures where your cable is loose.
There are 2 sections where it is supposed to be hanging free you know.
Also, the screw damage appears to have been done by someone using the wrong tool to remove it.
Are you sure that the female socket in the screw head is damaged to where the correct tool won't work?
Like mdowney58 says, these socket head cap screws appear to have been damaged by either the wrong size of tool or by over-untorquing them while attempting to be removed. This brings a couple of thoughts to mind:
(1) Were these screws coated with lock-tite when they got installed? If so, this could be the reason they are stripped out - and they just may not be able to be taken out at all, since they are such tiny screws.
(2) Where can a person purchase good quality tools for working with these small screw heads? The ones I have used (and there are many!) are all made of a softer steel which, when put under high torque, simply round-off their corners, leaving them unuseable for anything. Anyone have a good source of higher-quality tools that work well under high torque?

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