1. Undertow

    Buying crashed Phantom 4 pro drone only with or without gimbal

    Trying to resurrect my Frankenstein! Who has one collecting dust?
  2. M

    Phantom 3 Pro Crashed- Help!

    Can anyone here help with advice! I had a prop come loose and my drone crashed from about 100m up. It fell onto relatively soft ground the body looks OK but the camera and gimbal smashed (couldnt find the camera). When I start the drone up it beeps loudly but connects to the controller. The...
  3. TraskKimball_707

    Professional Slightly Damaged Drone

    Hi there, now i’v been flying drones for about 3-4 years now, and by this time i know the difference between pilot error and a technical error. i was coming in for landing, and when i touched down the front two motors glitched causing them to accelerate and the aircraft started flying backwards...
  4. M

    Advanced Loose gimbal tape and damaged screws

    Hey, I noticed that my gimbal tape isn't stuck to arm. It is loose and when camera is rotating down and up it wipes it. I don't know what to do with this, how can i stick it in? Can it damage my gimbal? Another thing is that my screw have damaged top. I can't twist them out :( is there any way...
  5. Konzetsu

    Propeller holder broke along with motor

    I crashed my Phantom 4 into a tree. 3 of the propellers by replacing them and taking out the left-over propeller plastic the other one had the pieces that held the propeller in place torn off. So I attempted to fix it, first by applying tape but there was uneven weight distribution so I just...
  6. M

    Standard Motor threads slightly damaged?

    My Phantom 3 Standard has never been crashed, dropped, or hit against anything (to my knowledge), and it's only been flown maybe 8 times. However, the threads on the motors are all slightly damaged somehow, with damage ranging from "barely noticeable" to "I had to take a knife and bend the...
  7. Paulie1340

    Standard Problems with MicroSD card

    I've taken about 6GB of videos on my P3S, lots of fun to watch and posted a few online for friends to see. I have been able to reference the chip, read the chip in the Mac's chip reader, copy files off the chip onto my Mac. Of course, my 8GB chip is nearly full so I want to delete the whole...
  8. S

    Phantom 3 advanced - damaged - for sale

    Damaged P3A. Crashed last week and I don't want to go to the trouble of repair. I am keeping the remote. There is a crack in the shell/arm. Camera mounting arm broke from gimbal. Battery not included I don't have a price on this yet so I would like to entertain offers. I can ship in the...
  9. Specialist

    DJI 3 Pro - Damaged & Options

    Hi there, yesterday my drone fell off a cliff edge 30ft .. somehow it still flies. My camera and gimbal is damaged and wondered what options I have. I think a new camera is £329 but is money i don't want to part with. So i wanted to ask. (1) is there anyway to know if the camera is broke or...
  10. Scepterr

    WTB Crashed Water Damaged Phantom 3

    Hey guys, post pics and details of your downed drones and what you want for it. The more pictures and information the better. I'm also interested in broken remotes, batteries and chargers. I'm looking for mainly P3A,P,4K but will consider P3S and P4.
  11. D

    DJI puts UPS shipping service in Danger?

    Better training in the shipping department is needed. Three batteries were damaged during shipping. There was no note stating not to deny the package and have it returned to sender and now its in transit back to DJI damaged and I can't stop it, part of this is UPS fault for not noting it was...
  12. Bobby

    Recovery from water damage, red light and other problems

    I regret to say that I had an incident with a dead battery over a saltwater pool, and now I have a mostly inoperable drone. When it first went down it was in for about 30 seconds, when it was recovered we used a hair dryer on it and it's inside as well once I got the cover off. I plugged a new...