1. J

    Gimble Screw ID for P3 Advanced

    I recently replaced my Flex Ribbon and have misplaced a screw. Does anyone know this size or screw type for the one in the picture? Not sure what this part of the Gimble is called. Thank you so much for any help.
  2. M

    Loose gimbal tape and damaged screws

    Hey, I noticed that my gimbal tape isn't stuck to arm. It is loose and when camera is rotating down and up it wipes it. I don't know what to do with this, how can i stick it in? Can it damage my gimbal? Another thing is that my screw have damaged top. I can't twist them out :( is there any way...
  3. Drones_Landing

    If You Have A Drone, I Need Your Help!!

    I am creating an experimental product for (hopefully) the most popular drones on the market today. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy every drone out there and measure them :(. If you have a drone (Any Kind!), all I'm asking for is the measurements on the bottom of the drone, specifically the...
  4. B

    Phantom 2 props on a Phantom 3 :( Will warranty cover it?

    I'm in a world of hurt. I just used DJI's old prop guards (phantom 2) and found out after the fact the screws were too long. Will DJI still cover this if its a motor or ESC issue? I just submitted a ticket and probably won't hear anything back until Mon. I plan on calling in as well on Mon...