1. S

    2 seconds RAW interval P4 Advanced

    does anyone know if 2 seconds interval RAW shooting, is something that will be available in future updates of the Phantom4 advanced?
  2. N

    SOLD Phantom 3 Advanced + DJI Backpack

    Used for just over a year. In great shape. Never any issues and never any crashes or hard landings. No cracks, scratches or dings. Flies great. The gimbal wheel in the RC is not working. Ready to fly. Includes the following: Phantom 3 Advanced (2.7k) 16GB SD Card Batteries x 1 OEM Charger (Not...
  3. P-2

    P4 Advanced Sale prices ?

    Has anyone Ever heard of a P4 Advanced being on sale for $799 ? Anywhere on Planet Earth........... a YouTube video mentions them on sale for that price but I can’t locate it no matter where I check. Just wondering......... TIA
  4. A

    DJI phantom 3 pro won’t connect to the app

    So I’ve experienced the infamous (controller connects to the drone but does not connect to the app) issue. I’ve done ALL of the troubleshooting options that DJI gave me. I’m thinking that the issue is in the usb board on the back of the controller. I ordered and new board on amazon. I think it’s...
  5. cr6

    Phantom 4 Professional camera & gimbal (used)

    Aside from a bent yaw arm, this camera and gimbal for the Phantom 4 Professional is in perfect working order. i didn't want DJI to have my bird for a month so I decided to replace the whole camera/gimbal myself. The flex ribbon is in excellent condition, but you can pick up both the flex...
  6. L

    Gimbal Issues On Pro Camera Installed On Advanced Body

    I recently got a second hand P3A that had been crashed in April last year. It came with a Pro gimbal that had a broken arm (snapped in half, ribbon cable broken), and two Adv gimbals, other one installed and working. I don't know if the other Adv gimbal works, because stupid me already took the...
  7. S

    First flight with the DJI Phantom 4

    Hey guys... I just added a DJI Phanotm 4 to my fleet. Here is a video of my first flight
  8. woochild86

    Phantom 4 Advanced panorama sphere

    Hello everyone, I’m new to DJI drones and was wondering when DJI is planning on updating firmware so that we can do panoramic shots in the app without doing it manually in post processing. I haven’t been able to find out much info on the web or DJI’s website.
  9. brannon25


    hello, i am looking for a phantom 3 advanced centre board as i have received a ESC error. does anyone know where i can get one or if u have one i can buy now. thanks
  10. Bracco

    [P3A] Torre mozza, Tuscany italy (sea)

    Here my last flight :) Happy new year :)
  11. L

    Startup issues on my p3 advanced

    okay, so basically today was my first time flying my p3 advanced. After some flying i landed on an uneven surface, resulting in it tipping over, and 2 props being stuck in mud. I cut the engine and set it up to fly again. However, upon startup, only 2 engines fired, and only for a fraction of a...
  12. C

    4 Adv. gimbal pan completely loose

    I received my Phantom 4 advanced last week and I’ve only had a few flights. No crashes or impacts at all and today I started having gimbal issues. The gimbal pan is totally loose. The tilt and yaw are functional but the pan has no tension in it. Here is a video demonstration. Any help would...
  13. B

    P3 A/P Shell with Motors, GPS, Vision/Lightbridge Module

    I have a phantom 3 Advanced that the main board is giving me an ESC error on so selling as is. The shell is in pretty good shape other than some pry mark's from the previous owner opening it. No cracks in the arms with only one scuf near the tip. Battery/main board holder is new. Main board...
  14. B

    Phantom 3 Adv Camera and Gimbal

    Selling a used P3A Camera and Gimbal. The camera works great. No issues and lense has no scatches. Asking $185 shipped to Continental US. Will ship overseas for additional shipping. Also selling the controller, P3A/P shell with motors and vision pos. system. Shelling is in good shape.
  15. V

    Phantom 4 Advanced - Disconnecting problem

    Hello guys, Just got my Phantom 4 Advanced and it gets disconnected from the remote all the time. Anyone has experienced this with this drone? It's a solution to this problem? I've installed the new firmware before flight. Thanks
  16. P

    Phantom 3 Advanced - parting out - Mint condition

    Phantom 3 Advanced in mint condition with just over 12 hours. Never been crashed. No stress marks of any kind. Not a scratch on this one as far as I can tell. Never had any issues. Original owner. Phantom 3 advanced only with 8 props (P3A comes in its original box) - $215 + shipping -- SALE...
  17. P

    DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Camera - Perfect condition!

    I have a P3A camera for sale. It's from my phantom which I'm parting out. It only has 12 hours of use. Looks and works perfect with "0" issues. It has never been in any sort of crash or bad landing. Included with the camera/gimbal are 4 new grommets, pads, hardware that come in the small...
  18. S

    What should I buy, Phantom 3 advanced or mavic pro? Im beginner

    Hi. I'm a beginner with this hobby and i bought my first drone, the syma x5c1. I flew it for about 4 to 5 times and I got used to that drone and now, i want to upgrade to a dji phantom. I saw a bundle from amazon cosist of phantom 3 advanced, prop guards, extra set of propellers, hardshell bag...
  19. Æ

    Remote Control RC does not switch on

    Hi, I just purchased a brand new Phantom 3 Advanced and downloaded the software on the PC and the App to my iPad mini. All went well with the drone update (lights and noises as it accepted the upgrade) . I plugged in the iPad and the system camera came up on the screen asking for an upgrade, I...
  20. J

    Video of the Zeeland Bridge (Netherlands)

    Hi All, Been a while since I posted anything here, thought I'd share my latest video with you. Everything was shot about two weeks ago on my phantom 3 advanced. Location is the Zeeland Bridge in the Netherlands. It's the second longest bridge in Europe with 5022 meters. Let me know what you think!