Issue with P4P Gimbal - Roll on Yaw

Jun 6, 2021
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I've owned my P4P since 2017, and just between work and restricted air space around where I live, I haven't flown it anywhere near enough. I have less than 2 hours of flight time. It's safe to say the running hours on my P4P are low... so this makes my issue all the more strange. I've also never crashed it, never had a hard landing and never flown in the rain...

I was round a friends today and took my drone out for a first flight in about 9 months. Straight away, I found my gimbal was sending the horizon wonky. I landed, did an auto gimbal calibration and sent her back up. Still, the same issue is present. I did an IMU calibration for good measure and still the same.

I tried to re-create this on the ground by hand and it doesn't seem to be an issue with roll on its own. If I roll the aircraft, it keeps the camera flat and level as you'd expect. However, as soon as I yaw in either direction, it sends the roll off a few degrees even when the aircraft is flat. Pitch is fine.

Take a look at this clip. At first I thought it might be the wind direction and the aircraft counteracting aggressively, but the wind was fairly tame. The direction of yaw also adjusts the direction of the problematic roll. And, as I said above, I was able to re-create this by hand on the ground.

Has anyone experienced this? Any thoughts or solutions?
Feb 24, 2021
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I have experienced just the same behavior, on a P4P that had been sitting in his bag for some months ... as I prefer to fly the P3Ps. Anyway, flew again next day and it was almost gone. Two flights later, back to normal. Watching your video, in some segments, it seems like you selected cinematic behavior, smoothing some movements like around the 25 - 30 seconds mark, but for the rest it looks awfully like what mine did after months of no usage, and maybe would do again. Fly safe and fly more !

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