1. P

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro fly more set up for sale

    Experienced pilot with Phantom 4 Pro thats never been crashed or hard landed. Selling because of my move to a smaller drone for travel needs and this is going to fund that. INCLUDES: -Phantom 4 Pro drone -3x batteries (charged may be 15 -20 times total across all 3 batteries) -Gimbal guard and...
  2. Off to Work

    Off to Work

    Airspeed3D (Facebook) is at work filming a large piece of land.
  3. MassDrone

    Frozen New England lake - P4P, 4K

    There's a small lake in a New England town that froze over in a dry December, without snow cover. The ice is like a mirror. Music by Kai Engel.
  4. D

    DJI P4P won't transmit video!

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro that had a recent crash. I had been flying the drone off and on for about a year using my Samsung Tab a(6) tablet without a hitch. Initially, when I received back my repaired drone during a test flight I noticed torn video and weird displayed video, though ALL other...
  5. P

    GCP necessary for Roof survey?

    Hey there! I am working in small engineering company and we are planning middlesized to largescale pv systems. For the planning of middel sized rooftop pv systems we´re considering UAV mapping with our phantom 4 pro. I downloaded the latest trial version of Photoscan and already got the first...
  6. TAPP Channel

    Chicago Filmed With My Phantom4Pro... Check This Out

    I was collecting this footages for the 4months during this summer time... Check this out and tell me what do you think...
  7. N

    SOLD - Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 $1000 US

    Selling my Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 with less than 4 hours flight time on it. Comes with everything included in the box new, AC, RC, Charger, Props, etc. In mint condition. RC shown in the photo has been modded for a Titan Atlas and Crystalsky mount. I will remove those before shipping and reinstall...
  8. S

    Phantom 4 pro for sale

  9. U

    Old timer Help Please - Bird, Goggles & Controller

    Good evening all, I need some help please with my P4P and the Controler using the RE Goggles, about a week ago I started having these problems while in flight. Drunken lag video stream while manoeuvring the P4P in flight. When holding the camera focus button on the controller, it goes into...
  10. A

    Phantom 4 Pro Remote Controller + Extras (GL300F)

    P4P Remote Controller Model GL300F. Perfect condition. Includes original cables (USB adapter and micro usb cable) and blue silicone sleeve shown in pictures. The battery has at least 95% life left and holds a charge all day. Also includes a PH4C100 Charger, USB cable adapter, range extender...
  11. T

    P4P - Are we going to see another update?

    Just wanna hear all your thoughts to be honest. its pretty obvious that DJI have forgotten about the phantom series of drones, even though id say there still one of the best drones they produce, maybe not as portable as the mavics but I still love mine. I just want them to give them a little...
  12. T

    My 4k Footage looks blurry to me does anyone else agree?

    So this was filmed on my P4P in 4k, cant remember the fps but its high. Edited on iMovie. Exported as 4K, on pro res, and the footage was taken straight from the SD. just looks a little blurry to me and I dont get why, other footage ive seen from other p4ps looks crisper any ideas why? sample here
  13. GrantKerr

    P4P in ATTI mode switches to GPS mode by itself

    During my last 4 flights with my new P4P (only 2hrs flying time) the ATTI mode would switch back to GPS mode without any reason/warning. This didn't happen with the flights before these. The ATTI mode was selected using the switch on the controller. However the mode would change to GPS and...
  14. N

    SOLD - Phantom 4 Pro Camera From Crashed v2.0

    Crashed one of my P4P v2s a few weeks ago and the camera sheared off. I replaced the whole camera assembly with a new one so not sure if someone would like to make me a reasonable offer for the camera assembly. The camera looks like it had no damage other than the arm and ribbon cable. Can't say...
  15. M

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 FCC forze

    Hi, I have a P4P v2.0 and I'm from Europe. I've noticed that in the dji APP it only works in 2.4. Is there any solution to this already? I have tried to use fake gps on android without success.
  16. M

    Range problem p4p

    Hi guys and gals, I am flying a p4p, have modified my drone controller to use either a 4 hawks raptor or stock antennas. I have hundreds of flights and logged 150 plus miles and been flying this drone for almost a year. Now the problem is on the last update last week, before this update stock...
  17. OOO

    Pokut Plateau

    Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy the video. Please watch in 4K. Thanks, Location: Pokut Plateau
  18. K

    P4p suddenly drops fr sky

    Tonight I flew my p4p, flew to around 1500 ft. About 300ft In the air. Once I almost got back to the home point. Which I flew back manually. The drone suddenly says "cannot take off" in mid flight and tumbles to the ground. Can any one tell me why could have caused this? Usually it says " can...
  19. K

    Bad Landing Gear

    One of my P4P's recently crashed and I'm repairing it myself. I've ordered two sets of landing gear, from different sources, and both of them broke when screwing down the same screw on the right rear mounting plate. DJI will not replace the landing gear, but of course wants me to send the...
  20. S

    P4 Pro?

    I dumped my P4P in the drink last week. Learned not to skim water in sport mode with obstacle avoidance off. My problem: I bought a lightly used P4, advertised as Pro. My old Pro gimbal holder is too large, meaning the camera is smaller, battery capacity is 5350, as opposed to 5870. I think a...