1. S

    SOLD: DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Accessories

    I have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, with many accessories, for $975 that is in absolute immaculate condition and works perfectly! The bird has flown perfectly and takes amazing aerial photographs and videos. I've had no crashes or even rough landings as I've always used the hand catch method. Will ship...
  2. jephoto

    Anyone flown near Valley of Fire, Nv?

    Going to be in Las Vegas for a job next week. My friend wants to shoot sunrise at Vallery of Fire. Wondering if anyone here has flown in the area- if there's a decent place to launch from outside the park- therefore legal - that would be in range of anything photo worthy? Any tips & suggestions...
  3. gringorio

    Phantom 4 Pro

    Phantom 4 Pro drone V1 Controller Battery charging station 4 DJI brand batteries with between 25 and 30 charges each 2 sets of standard props 1 set of low noise props Polar Pro ND filter set (4, 8, 16 Polarizors and 8, 16, 32 ND filters) 1 reflective antennae range booster (forget what brand) 1...
  4. MCHL

    P4P v1 Battery signal error and spaz out

    My P4P is about 2” from the trash and in need of assistance from you experts out there. It’s been through the wars a little. When replacing the shell, I stuffed the motors. So I’ve replaced them as well. Got it back to going fine, or so I thought. Everything shows on screen as perfect -...
  5. jephoto

    Can contacts on bottom of P4p HiCap battery be replaced?

    Hi gang. This morning I discovered one of the contacts on bottom of one of my batteries is bent or damaged. Actually still fits in P4p and works. But difficult to get in charger. And I know it will only get worse or damage the pins in the drone eventually. I have 2 old batteries that I was...
  6. jephoto

    Want to Buy- Polar Pro ND filter set for P4P

    Hi gang. Looking to buy a set of Polar Pro ND filters for my Phantom 4 pro V2. And if not polar pro than any other good quality set of straight ND filters. I have a set of ND/PLs, but need some straight NDs for when I’m doing panoramic photos as well as video.
  7. @potts_24

    Issue with P4P Gimbal - Roll on Yaw

    I've owned my P4P since 2017, and just between work and restricted air space around where I live, I haven't flown it anywhere near enough. I have less than 2 hours of flight time. It's safe to say the running hours on my P4P are low... so this makes my issue all the more strange. I've also never...
  8. DaShu

    Phantom 4 PRO (price reduced)

    My last one was attacked by a bird and I got this one through DJI Refresh Program. A refurbished one through DJI is $1,200 and only comes with 1 battery, controller, and hard case, and a new one is $1,500. Only flown once, still has the shipping stickers on it. Comes with $250 Phantom soft...
  9. AeroViking

    Better in Cold Weather: P4P or Mavic Air 2

    Does anyone have an opinion on what drone would fair better in 30 degree weather, a Phantom 4 Pro or a Mavic Air 2? We had our first snowfall here in Portland Oregon last night and I'd like to capture some of the city once the sun comes up, but don't really know which to bring. The air is very...
  10. Undertow

    Selling Ultimate P4P Setup 4 batteries, 2 controllers(1 modified for antenna upgrades! Tons more!

    Taking offers on my Phantom 4 Pro setup. It only has 25 hours of flight time and in awesome condition. Includes but will negotiate... 1. Phantom 4 Pro Drone 2. Modified Controller GL300F with Itelite MaxxRange and FPVLR 2.8 ghz long range antennas. Easy to swap in and out.(controllers can be...
  11. Undertow

    Buying crashed Phantom 4 pro drone only with or without gimbal

    Trying to resurrect my Frankenstein! Who has one collecting dust?
  12. D

    WTB: Phantom 4 Pro

    I am looking to buy a nice Phantom 4 pro. I love to find one with an iPad 10 pro and or a range extender but not a must. Defanitly want low hours. I am looking to buy one pretty quick so if you have a P4P for sell text me info and pics to my cell 580-471-0226
  13. V

    Screw Replacement

    Hey guys, long story short I need to replace every screw on my p4p gimbal and the screws that attach the entire camera/gimbal assembly to the drone itself. I was looking at the screw kit (part 33) but that doesn't look to have enough. I have tried to find a schematic that shows all the screw...
  14. cpieper

    ***SOLD*** P4P with 7 batteries and case $1350

    ***SOLD*** P4P with 33 hours for sale, $1,400 OBO. 7 batteries with 12 to 19 charges each, 1 stock controller (I keep the Crystal Sky mount), parallel charger, ND filters, 5 sets of props, and a Hoodman tablet shade. iPad not included but available. Will sell the controller with Atlas range...
  15. T

    Problem with camera

    Hi all new to the forum have a question somebody please help. Phantom 4 pro flying around and shooting video and this opaque circle appears on all the video that I shot. Any ideas how to fix. Video and pictures are unusable shot in dcinelike soon as I start bumping the levels it gets more visible
  16. R

    P4P production kit: SOLD

    Lightly used DJI Phantom 4 pro v2. Has ~300 flights on it Used in a professional part 107 setting and flown by a commercial pilot/CFI. Never crashed/damaged. Comes with: ND filter set 4-32 6 batteries (less then 50 cycles per cell, rated to 600) 2 Chargers (one fast/one slow) Controller DJI...
  17. Nobel Drones

    P4P Remote-requires ipad with cellular or no?

    Hi I recently purchased a Phantom 4 Pro, and im now looking into buying a tablet. The regular iPad mini 2 does not have gps to my understanding, and the ipad mini 2 + cellular does have gps. do you need to have the ipad mini 2 cellular in order to use gps modes such as follow me and RTH or does...
  18. Nobel Drones

    WTB: Phantom 4 Pro Bundle under 1,000

    Hi Guys! I'm looking to buy a Phantom 4 Pro w/ batteries, accessories etc. for a reasonable price (under 1000$). If you have please PM me. Thanks!
  19. T

    Can anyone find batteries for the P4P!

    So after "discontinuing" the phantom series it looks like the batteries, props, basically everything essential is now "out of stock" on the DJI website. I can't find a single store anywhere online even Amazon to buy genuine DJI batteries. I found one or two on eBay for over 200 bucks which is...
  20. D

    P4P repair- DJI or authorized DGI repair center

    I have 2 P4Ps that are out of warranty and need repairs. Both drones need repair to the landing struts and one also has a malfunctioning gimble. Looking for feedback as to whether send them back to DJI for repair or use a US Authorized DJI repair center. Opinions and experience would be...