1. @potts_24

    Issue with P4P Gimbal - Roll on Yaw

    I've owned my P4P since 2017, and just between work and restricted air space around where I live, I haven't flown it anywhere near enough. I have less than 2 hours of flight time. It's safe to say the running hours on my P4P are low... so this makes my issue all the more strange. I've also never...
  2. gringorio

    P4P Gimbal Issue - Launching from a Ship

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with a Phantom 4 Pro gimbal. The issue is after hand-launching the horizon remains slanted. I've hand-launched P4P's from ships dozens of times in the past without this issue. I understand that when the Phantom boots up the gimbal must auto calibrate, so when...
  3. Green Phantom

    Stunning Sunset 2.7K Video - short Video

    Hi Everyone I have tried out the 2.7K 24fps setting for the first time and what a nice subject matter to test it on. It was very windy so the time lapse still shakes a bit and this was edited a lot in Final Cut Pro X to reduce the shaking due to the speed at which i sped up the footage. But i...
  4. tml4191

    P4P Stationary Drifiting Video..How do I fix this?

    I decided to make a quick time lapse of another hobby of mine using the p4p, and after reviewing the video, I've noticed that the camera shifted to the left and a little to the right towards the end of the video. Here is a video, which was originally about 7 minutes long, sped up into a time...
  5. Sim597

    Should I exchange my P4 for another?

    So look, I am running out of my 45 return exchange policy, and I THINK my bird is 100% it has about 35 miles under its belt and about 10 hrs (I'd have to look for exact because of the P3P I exchanged once already for this is incl. in total) but anyway, you guys get what I am saying, risk the...
  6. W

    Horizon y axis problem

    Hi! Ive had a crash recently and since then my HD3D gimbal is tilted to the right slightly about 15 Its a phantom 2 with a gopro 3+ black. Ive tried: -Basic / advanced IMU recalibration. My office table is pretty flat, the camera is way off with respect to its angle anyway! -Flashing...
  7. E

    Gimbal tilt problem

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of some help. I recently had to send my phantom 3 professional into drone nerds for repair after a minor crash. The fella at the shop said nothing was actually wrong with the unit, he just had to reset the case because of some separation in the body seams. Anyway...
  8. J

    6.25 MILE Phantom 3 Flight this morning.

    Tried out my new antenna array from Horizon FPV.... Absolutely perfect connection entire flight. Had the usual technical difficulties again with my phone and DJI GO app freezing, so i lost my video and telemetry on the way back.