1. Lindsaybev

    Is Litchi only for Apple products???

    I thought people were using Litchi for their Phantom 4 drones and were commenting that it worked especially well for Android phones??? I can't find it for my Samsung Phone in the Google Play. A moderator booted me for asking for help and sent me a link. Taking the link, it took me to Google...
  2. Lindsaybev

    Can't find LITCHI APP in Google Play store??

    I finally went to buy the Litchi app in Google Play and I only find the one for Phantom 2, one for Magic Leash and one for Osmo. Where do I get the Phantom 4 Basic's Litchi app for a Samsung (Android) phone? I also want to create the way points ahead of time with a PC. Where can I find that...
  3. Steve_in_DE

    Updating Litchi in app store, not getting latest version?

    I have had Litchi since almost the beginning. It lives on my ipad and my Samsung phone (yes I bought both platforms). I recently updated Litchi on my ipad via the app store, but I am not clear that I got a newer version. I now have v2.2. Is that the latest? If not do I need to buy it again...
  4. D

    Tablet Issues With Phantom 4 Pro (I tried to be descriptive, little wordy)

    I am very new to DJI products. I have been using Draganfly drones over the past few months with the college I attend, however, recently I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro+. The controller it came with does not support 3rd party apps (dronedeploy, Pix4d, ect...) but works very well with the built-in DJI...
  5. HappyFunBall

    P3 Standard and Samsung Note 8 WiFi App Connection Issue Fix

    If you are having issues connecting your Samsung Note 8 and DJI P3 Standard give this a try to see if the fix works for you. It worked for me after futzing with it for a long time trying different combinations and poking around the site here. Recreating the issue: - Drone and Controller are...
  6. tml4191

    Error 944 on Samsung Note 8

    I went to Best Buys electronics store to check out the new Samsung Note 8. I logged into my account and downloaded DJI Go 4, but it didn't install! I know it was a display unit, but the phone allowed me to download the Netflix app. I got this error: I'm still leaning to get this phone, but will...
  7. tml4191

    Does the samsung note8 work good with dji go 4?

    The screen brightness on the new samsung note8 is 1200 nits, but how does the phone perform with DJi go 4? Update: Here is a link to the exact phone model.
  8. S

    phantom 3 professional

    Will my samsung 5s neo..again the phantom 3 pro? apparently the standard s5 will work..does the neo?
  9. Elqueso2

    Mobile Device & Data Plan Dilemma – What’s a mother to do?

    Need some advice regarding using a mobile device with data or without and Mobile devices, I read so much and its mostly for P3 & P4 I’m presently using my Samsung Note 4 (Andriod 6) which is my daily use phone. I reboot it and try to shut down most of the unneeded apps before flying and the...
  10. T

    Samsung Tab A (2016) DJI Go App Issue

    I was having a heck of a time trying to find one of my devices that could view the live downlink from the my new-to-me P3P and had GPS built in. I finally realized I'd bought a Samsung Tab A for some work stuff not too long ago! Huzzah! It's listed on the approved devices list and everything...
  11. J

    Tablet debate (Samsung Tab E v Apple Ipad Mini 2)

    Just got a P4P and now need a tablet to be able to view footage clearly, currently using a Samsung A3 (2014) with a small 4.5" screen. My main use for the drone is photography and eventually part time commercial use (once approved) so need to be able to clearly see what my drones seeing. Im...
  12. berndgill

    Mounting the Gear 360 Camera to a Phantom

    I recently bought a Gear 360 Camera to play around. Soon it was clear that it would be cool to mount it to my Phantom 4 Here is the first test video. To watch it you need a 360 enabled browser (e.g. Chrome) - and you need to put in youtube settings the resolution to 4K. This is how my setup...
  13. M

    new tablet

    I am trying to find a tablet for my father in law to use with his p3s, currently I have a samsung tab E lite, at first it said it was not compatible, I sideloaded the app and uninstalled, however when i went to the play store it said I could install it, so I do and notice that it has the radar...
  14. D

    Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab Issues

    Hello all, Technical question, I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to use with my Phantom 4, however when I try to connect to the controller it's giving me an error message about 2.4GHZ and Wifi, has anyone else had this problem and if so what was the solution. Cheers, Steve
  15. P

    Tablet holder - Phantom 3 Standard

    Hi Guys, it's my first post after sometime lurking. Thanks for all the info this far! My problem is finding a tablet stand/mount for my controller. I got the 7" Samsung Tab A which is only $150 CAD. However I haven't got a chance to use it yet as I've no mount. I'm in BC Canada and the stores...
  16. M

    P3 Standard Android Facebook Streaming

    Hi all I run on a Samsung S6 Edge and with the latest DJIGO app update it is meant to allow facebook live streaming, now I do have the feature within my menu settings however it is always greyed out and not a fuctioning feature. However if I use an iPhone 5s it works perfectly fine, I have seen...
  17. Stephanelacasaphoto

    Samsung Tab ( SM-T350) is not connecting to P4

    Hello hello, My Samsung Tab ( SM-T350) is not connecting to P4 anymore. it was working very well 2 weeks ago. I reinstalled the DJ go App. Enable USB debugging . talk to DJ support.( told me to buy a iPad) My i phone 5 is connecting ( supposed not to work with P4) Any suggestions. Thank...
  18. Mako79

    Samsung Gear 360 on a P2VPlus for VR

    My spare P2 Vision Plus unit is now a Frankenstein ready for VR. It kinda looks like the first gen Vision non-plus with a golf ball camera. But look closely. Pictured is a Samsung Gear 360 mounted on a custom 1 axis gimbal for roll horizon stabilisation (I assume users get more sick from rocking...
  19. davidzimagery

    tablet question

    Does a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite have all the functions to work well with a P3 pro?
  20. J

    Upgrading to new phone - DJI GO app concerns

    I have been using an iPad Air for the DJI Go app but am about to lose it (retiring and have to give it back to my employer). I am about to upgrade my phone and am strongly considering the Samsung Note. I checked the DJI website for compatibility to the Note but it seems very out of date. Does...