Samsung Gear 360 on a P2VPlus for VR

May 16, 2014
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Sydney Australia
My spare P2 Vision Plus unit is now a Frankenstein ready for VR. It kinda looks like the first gen Vision non-plus with a golf ball camera. But look closely. Pictured is a Samsung Gear 360 mounted on a custom 1 axis gimbal for roll horizon stabilisation (I assume users get more sick from rocking side to sidet than back and forth). It uses the traditional DJI Vision app but has a Sony 700CCTV fixed angle lens that is tapped into the wifi module for FPV. This means ground station and DHP will still work and will have a range of 800m for FPV.

The reason for single axis is that the dual axis motors blocks one of the side views. I have gotten dual axis to work but the vibration is so rough. This is due to the weight of the camera/position and the limitations of the 920kv motors. The gimbal is 200g and the Gear 360 is 165g which is almost the max lift capacity of the first gen motors. At the max lift weight, gain settings are required to minimise oscillations/vibrations.

I will later try and invert the mount for full 360 and if it all fails, upgrade to a bigger motor (more weight - insert sad face).



I will do test for stabilisation and flight times (expect about 12-15m).
When the rain stops, i'll get some test footage and youtube them in 4k for the 360 VR experience to work.
The footage takes a while to stitch on PC as I don't own the current flagship Samsung phones which do it natively.

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