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  • Hi Mako, sorry to bother you. I'm wondering if you would be willing to send me a sample with both video and srt file together since we need to test our new visual map system but we do not have a DJI phantom, really appreciate if you would help us. And I really understand if you won't. Thank you for your time and help.
    My drone, P3 Adanced not want to remember the EXP settings that change him.
    I want a smooth video footage and change various values in EXP menu. I returned in the same menu.... they are factory values ... see the video - . I installed all the latest updates.
    The settings are not writing to the P3 because you are powering down the drone first.
    You need to make the settings and then exit on the GO app, then turn off the P3. This will sequence will allow the changes to be made.
    Hi Mako I've been flying my Samsung 360 on my P3 pro and I found your post on flying a similar rig. I'm interested in building flying a gimbal have you had any luck with one?
    I am searching how to fix my P3 rotors. Had a crush landing and some magnetic sand is sitting inside them. I found your post from 2014 and was wondering if you can help me with that. Do you know by now how to remove the sand from rotors? Because I cannot disconnect them...
    Then use something sticky/gummy like tape or bluetack to lift the ferrite off the magnet. Repeat til all the ferrite is gone. Inspect the motors again before installing. Hand spin the motor and make sure it moves smoothly. Then do test hover at 10ft for 3 minutes.
    I already used compressed air and I cannot see any ferrite. However, it is impossible to move rotors. They are blocked.
    I think ferrite is in between the moving parts jammed...
    Do you have any experience actually doing this method/do you have any suggestions?


    Luke Rous
    Practice atti mode and stay in visual sight at all times. I have flown in manual and atti before and i can tell you its not easy.

    You should.however do a check on the flight location and test which restrictions are in place. You may be in warning zone and not a no fly zone which will limit you to 100m.
    I am shooting at a casino that is close to an airport in Johannesburg South Africa and the casino is in the no fly zone. I'm trying tog et around this in order to shoot some establishing shots of the casino but I'm concerned that doing the above suggestion will 1) leave the drone vulnerable to wind blowing it around and 2) that the foil will interfere with the video signal feed.
    Hi Mako, you posted this on Feb 1, 2015
    "You can also "block the GPS" and fly atti.
    Just goto a known location that you can fly so it records as the last known place. Then place a piece of foil right on top the shell. This will block some of the GPS sats.
    Then goto a no fly zone and take off in ATTI. If it doesn't know where it is in the world then it should be able to take off anywhere."
    Dear Mako

    Advance IMU Calibration
    What are the correct values after calibration??
    Should they be "zero" at Gyroscope & Acceleration?

    Hi Mako,

    Do you or anyone else have a "link" to what each of the three flight modes on a P3 does with advantages and risks of each. I have been flying mine on "P" but would like to understand it better.
    Mako .................... you are a bloody champ!!!!! :) :) :) This was driving me insane and in the space of 5 minutes max the complete problem sorted out with absolute ease once I had your solution.

    Anytime in Melbourne happy to buy you a beer?

    Hopes this helps other people with the same solution.

    All the best - John
    NP :)
    Don't worry about the beer(s).
    Just pay it forward and help others.
    And post up what you did to resolve the problem.
    And keep flying.
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