1. samartz

    Phantom 3 SE WiFi Drops Mid Flight

    Hello There. Over the past 4 months, I've flown my DJI Phantom 3 SE and I love it. However recently, I've noticed that the Wi-Fi completely shuts off during the middle of the flight. I have no cluie what to do. I have to manually land the drone, and restart the controller, which takes time away...
  2. C

    P3S Disconnecting from Controller (and more)

    My Phantom 3 Standard has recently started disconnecting from the least I think that's what I'm happening. Perhaps it's the controller losing connectivity...nor sure. When I go through the startup process (controller 1st, then drone, then wifi and then DJI Go app,) everything...
  3. P

    Phantom 3 Standard Connection Troubleshooting

    Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm now. I recently got a phantom 3 standard without gimbal or controller that hasn't been activated yet. I picked up a used gimbal and a used controller and I'm having trouble connecting to the drone. I got my phone to connect to the controller...
  4. G

    Do I need to connect my controller to my ipad via a cable?

    I've seen a lot of pilots with their device connected to their controller with a cable. Is this helpful? Also I'm a new pilot and would like any tips if you have any.
  5. sudarwika_bali

    Phantom 3 Advanced and iOS 11 Connection Problem

    here iam trying to help! Guys, If You Facing Connection Issue Through DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Apple Device iOS 11. Might Solve Your Problem After Watching This Video. Thank You
  6. C

    R/C will not connect to copter.

    Last week i purchased a phantom 3 standard on craigslist, and when i bought it the guy selling it couldn't get his phone to connect to it, so there was no video recording capability or anything along those lines. he taught me how to fly it without a phone, but i really want to use the app so i...
  7. B

    Suddenly Having Connectivity Issues

    I've had my P3P for about 3 months. Everything has worked perfectly up until 3 days ago. Now I'm having connectivity issues. I keep losing my connection and having to use the return to home feature when the Drone is literally only 750 to 1000 ft away. I'm flying in the same area that I've always...
  8. M

    Authentication Error

    I'm new to this so please be patient....I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 7"; Model# SM-T113. When I go to connect the WI Fi over to the Phantom, I get an Authentication Error and am unable to proceed further. Any ideas? Thank you for your support. Terry
  9. A

    Losing Video Connection

    Hi guys, So the second problem I've run into whilst flying my new Phantom 3 Standard. Last night I felt game enough to go higher than I have gone yet (only about 20 metres before this) So I flew in the same spot I have the last 3 times with no issues, and brought it up to about 50 metres...
  10. Luke Skywalker

    Phantom 3 Professional Signal Connection

    Good Afternoon! I am super new to this as well as flying the drone for just about a week or so now, so please bare with me as I am figuring this all out! I have just a couple questions that I can't seem to locate a definite answer on at this time and need some guidance! I live in south...
  11. S

    Have to relink drone/controller after switching off devices

    Hi. I've looked everywhere on the forum but couldn't find anything on this.. I've just got myself a pre owned PS3 in great condition. The only problem I'm having is that each time I switch the remote or drone off and then on I lose the connection and have to relink (controller and drone). I...
  12. M

    PLEASE HELP! P3P Will Not Update, nor Will the Controller!

    I just got the Phantom 3 Pro today, and I've been notified that the battery, controller, and drone all need updating. When I try to update the controller with the DJI Go app, it doesn't nothing for 30 seconds and then says that my device disconnected. When I try to update the drone using a micro...
  13. G

    RC connection lost

    How do I handle the problem of losing rc connection when flying my P4? I also have problems of stuttering video sync with the DJI go app. Flashes green horizontal lines and has stuttering buffering issues Do I need to buy a better controller than the one provided?
  14. tater82801

    Phantom Pro bought on eBay, not working

    We bought a P3P on eBay, says was a 4 out of 5, perfect condition. Drone itself looks good, but could hear something rolling around inside remote. Tried to link with drone, but will not, only get "Confirm Frequency?" message when try to link. Tried manual link pressing C1 and C2, the camera...
  15. J

    Lost signal at barely 100m (300ft)

    I just bought a new Phantom 4 and have taken it out 6-7 times so far. Everything worked perfectly fine until today, when I went up to 100m and suddenly lost connection. It came back down on its own and I picked up the signal again at around 80m, but then it kept saying the signal was very weak...
  16. R

    No connection to andriod 6.1

    I updated my Samsung s5 to 6.1 the other day and now i find that the rc will no longer connect. I have cleared the cache and re installed the app, changed leads and done a fair bit of swearing all to no avail. I tried a samsung tab 2 and that works fine but is a tad to slow to keep up with the...
  17. T

    Motherboard components

    Hi, I'm a newbie and......I crushed my standard from 4 m! So after remounted gimball, camera, glued gimball support..... The bird fly and respond to command but the 2.4 g wifi doesn't work. The remote remain solid red no camera images, no info in dji app. Fly but is blind. In the mainboard the...
  18. D

    Help... wifi disappeared.. remote led solid red ..

    Hello there, my P3S during a flight yesterday began to disconnect (led on remote blinking randomly red and green) and at the following start-up remained red solid and I could find any longer the Phantom wifi network on my cellular. I tried to make the reset several times with no success... The...
  19. BrAinZ

    iPad Mini Bluetooth - PS3 Connection Issue

    I wonder if anyone can help with a niggly issue I'm having connecting my P3S to my iPad 4 Mini. All works fine if you just connect the ac to the iPad, but as it doesn't have a GPS or net connection, I want to also connect it to my iPhone 6. If you ignore the DJI aspect of it, this is something...
  20. sar104

    DJI GO won't connect to RC

    My iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 were completely wiped (don't ask why) and then set up again as new devices (not from backup). Having downloaded and reinstalled DJI GO, neither will now connect to the RC/P4. The equipment screen just shows the "How to connect" button instead of the "Camera" button. It...