Video Static Interference

Jul 26, 2016
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Hi All,

Been a lurker on the forum for a while, thanks for all the great info to date.

I have a strange issue with my P3-Professional, it has recently started displaying ongoing static noise on the video picture. The static is both present on the iPad in app view (though hard to make out with a small screen device) and on the recorded video and images.

See attached image for an example

I have reset all software settings, tried various combinations of video output settings, resolutions and frame rates but the on screen noise is still consistently there. It is present when the craft is both flying and with no motors running. It is also not affected by location. It is the same if flying in high RF zones and many km's off shore. I have stripped the camera, reseated all plugs, reseated the ribbon cable and inspected it for damage. I also used a little electronics contact cleaner on the connections.

The ONLY time the static disappears is when the gimbal is in motion. For example if I hold the craft and tilt it left/right/left/right the static will momentarily disappear while tracking and then reappear when the craft is stationary at any angle. This leads me to think it must be a physical issue (not electronic) perhaps a faulty ribbon cable that has a fracture on a video ground trace?

I have a new ribbon cable on order from China but was really looking for any advice from the forum on what it may also be?

Thanks in advance!
It's most likely an issue with one of the cables that plug into the gimbal or the gimbal ribbon cable. Make sure all of the cables are fully seated and inspect them for damage.

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