1. P

    Why did bird fly away and crash? Help analyze Log

    Bird got up, then decided to fly away on its own. So strange! Has this happened to anyone before? After seeing that could not control it, as you can see from crash log, requested to do Land it back at 27 seconds but it just decided to veer off by itself (could not control it and even when not...
  2. D

    Flying at night with metal flashlight

    I am kind of scared to fly at night. I don't have the money to blow on a professional drone light or beacon. I have a metal flashlight. I was wondering if the metal flashlight would interfear since it's metal. Will it interfear. Thank's for the help.
  3. PhantomHero

    Range extender

    Will the addition of a 3 antenna ($57 one) help/eliminate the "Warning strong interference" warning? Was considering getting one for P3S if it would correct this issue. Or will this JUST add further flight distance when no interference is present?
  4. Dfox3500

    WiFi Interference

    I have a upcoming event that will require me to fly my P34k near a crowed parking lot with lots of people who will more than likely be using cell phones. My question is, while I'm flying, will I get any interference from the Wi-Fi cell phone signals, that could cause me some issues or problems...
  5. R

    Spotlight Interference...

    So I was shooting some video of the fire works in our little town. I was careful to not fly over the crowd, had in line of sight at all times, and got some great shots of the fire works from about 1300 ft AGL. Everything went great, started to come back to the home point and someone lit up the...
  6. B

    Suddenly Having Connectivity Issues

    I've had my P3P for about 3 months. Everything has worked perfectly up until 3 days ago. Now I'm having connectivity issues. I keep losing my connection and having to use the return to home feature when the Drone is literally only 750 to 1000 ft away. I'm flying in the same area that I've always...
  7. A

    Video Interference???

    Hello I'm about to buy a used phantom 4 pro,I tested everything was ok, just one question , when I hit the record option, the iphone screen started to flickering black, but when watching the video on the pc, everything was ok. is this normal? should I buy it or not? similar to the video below
  8. B

    Jamming / interference?

    I was flying today, following the vehicle I was in - so the range was within a few hundred feet at all times, in a rural area. Everything was going great until the AC suddenly lost connection. Running the data through Healthydrones, just about everything was going well (with the exception of...
  9. B

    Atrium (internal) flight hight restriction

    Hi, I was flying inside a large atrium (15m x 20 m x 40 m high) of a building we are working on (images attached). I had the P4 in "atti" mode and took off. Before take off It said that I had no satalite reception which was expected. It would only let me fly 8m high and would hover. It gave...
  10. N

    Please HELP. GHz vs MHz signals.

    I have an important question that I need help with. Because I'm not too versed in frequency bands, I wanted to post something here. If you have any official documentation, all the better. The question is this... Can a Phantom 4, operating at 2.4 Ghz cause interference to a communications tower...
  11. VVATC

    GPS Interference Testing (NTTR)

    Not sure if these notices are routinely posted or what forum it should be in. I did a search and didn't find anything recent. FLIGHT ADVISORY GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING ~ Bud
  12. B

    Interference bands on controller video

    I have two P3 Pros. On one I installed the hdmi unit. The other remains unchanged. When I turn on and fly the Pro with the hdmi connector, there is a lot of interference shown on the screen of my tablet. This does not happen on the other drone. What is the problem? Can anyone give advice?
  13. Nate-xt

    Interference errors?

    The other day, i was flying just before sunset and was coming for a landing, i was probably still 50-60 feet in the air when i got about 20 "strong interference" warnings. What causes this? And why did it keep coming back? ive gotten it before, but never had it come back 20 times.
  14. Etop

    Warning - Strong electrical interference

    I get the above warning every time I fly no matter where I am. Has not effected anything yet but I get a little worried. Any solutions to this warning.
  15. S

    Apparent Interference

    Hi. My P4 is about 2 months old now. Ever since I've purchased it I have received interference on the mobile device display. This is usually green or purple horizontal bars that take a 20% of the screen. I've checked that I'm using the current software do both the drone and the control. If I...
  16. Phil Tuggle

    Experience with 2.4GHz Remote Controller Interference or Conflicts?

    Being excited to have my Part 107 Remote Pilot exam passed and Certificate applied-for, I was just scouting a downtown location in a neighboring city where a company wants to hire me to shoot their property. There were no significant issues with the location or with pedestrian and vehicular...
  17. R

    Video Static Interference

    Hi All, Been a lurker on the forum for a while, thanks for all the great info to date. I have a strange issue with my P3-Professional, it has recently started displaying ongoing static noise on the video picture. The static is both present on the iPad in app view (though hard to make out with...
  18. Fishie

    Calibration while using a power wheelchair?

    Hey all, I use a power wheelchair and just received my Phantom 4. I've read a lot about people insisting or being paranoid about compass calibration around anything that is metal. Founded or not I have no other choice since I cannot walk and my chair is one huge piece of metal and perhaps...
  19. B

    Will not connect ...

    My Phantom 3 has been working great. However yesterday I tried the "orbit mode". It hovered over what I thought was 10 feet above a tall fir tree. I looked at the controller for a second (to try and figure out why it didn't see the object to orbit)...I then heard a grrr noise and saw it tumble...
  20. R

    GPS Interference the coming days - Careful if you're flying in the US

    Guys, Check out this article: The FAA issued an advisory warning pilots on Saturday that global positioning systems (GPS) could be unreliable during six different days this month, primarily in the...