1. RPP

    Monte de Guirim, Goa

    The photo and video below were taken in 2016 with the DJI Phantom 4. Details in my blog post here.
  2. RPP

    Planet Iceland

    An alien world. Images and video taken with DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2. Also published on my Photo Blog.
  3. P

    Need help diagnosing video issue on Phantom 3 Standard

    Hello all, I got a used Phantom 3 standard about 2 months ago and I have been really liking it so far. I also got my Part 107 license recently too and am ready to start flying professional. I am at the stage of learning the ins and outs of cinematography so that I can make good quality videos...
  4. RPP

    Parra, Goa

    Details and photos in my blog here.
  5. RPP

    Fulmar Stranded in Iceland

    The drone stayed close to the ground here. For details, please see my blog post.
  6. RPP

    Canacona Bliss

    Photos and details in my blog post.
  7. RPP


    Volcano in the Highlands of Iceland. Photos and details in my blog post.
  8. RPP

    Light and Mist - Mornin’ in Goa

    More images here -
  9. A

    Phantom 3 Advanced - no video feed on remote/ipad

    Hi! I have a P3A that I sent back to DJI for repairs. They quoted me almost $400 to fix my drone that has never been in a crash. I have no video signal on my phone, it shows a black screen, BUT the gimbal control works fine. Any suggestions on how to repair this myself for less? Any help...
  10. NomadJer

    Saving Cached Phantom Videos to ipad - PLEASE HELP!

    So, I was just recently made aware that you can record Audio from the I pad while filming with the Phantom4 Pro V2, but in order to get that footage to the computer with audio attached you need to save the cashed file to the ipad and then transfer to computer. (if you just take the sd card out...
  11. RPP

    Hole in the Planet

    More here -
  12. Drestin Black

    Excellent App for viewing drone videos with high bit rates

    I'm sure many of you are like me, you like to view your drone videos on a big screen now and again. I can view the videos via the Go app on my iPhone 8 Plus no problemo. I can also view them on my older iPad but they play with a little jerkiness. However, I would very much like to view them on...
  13. R

    Quick Tips for Capturing Great Autumn Photos/Videos

    Link Here: #Autumn# An Ode To Fall Cinematic + TIPS on Shooting this Season Hello, Fall season is here and so I've compiled some TIPS for capturing the season with your drones! I quickly talk about PL filters, LUTS, birds, sensors and trees in the link below so feel free to ask for any...
  14. D

    Video unavailable

    Video unavailable
  15. U

    Old timer Help Please - Bird, Goggles & Controller

    Good evening all, I need some help please with my P4P and the Controler using the RE Goggles, about a week ago I started having these problems while in flight. Drunken lag video stream while manoeuvring the P4P in flight. When holding the camera focus button on the controller, it goes into...
  16. L

    Video randomly glitches

    I feel like my youtube channel is starting to become nothing but videos of what's wrong with the Phantom 4 pro v2.0. The drone is quite disappointing considering the price, and with the Mavic 2 pro now out, on craigslist there's nothing but people abandoning ship before the 4pro is worthless...
  17. MarkLIVE

    Cinematic Short Video [Mavic Air]

    Noob-ish here, but new Air flyer too. I haven't made a video in over 14 months since my last one, so dusted off the cob webs, incorporated a few new things and here ya go. In this video, you'll see from the get go, all my previous work. And then it jumps into some new footage I've never shown...
  18. Mad Air Adventure

    Tenerife Landscape 4K Video - DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    Hello everybody, I am new here and would like to introduce myself: My name is Marcel, 27 years old and I come from Middle Franconia, Germany. Sorry for my bad english :) My drone is a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which I have owned for about 9 months. It's my first drone and I'm really happy with it...
  19. tml4191

    Paranoid neighbor calls police on drone pilot and gets told to “just leave them alone!”

    Paranoid neighbor calls police on drone pilot and gets told to “just leave them alone!”
  20. K

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus Controller and Cache

    Hey everyone, I've once downloaded the cache video onto my computer, but when I try to do it again.. on the controller I can see all cache video and images but when I looked in the Cache_Image files only the ones i previously downloaded are available. Why can't I see the recently cached...