Slight grinding sound coming from gimbal?

Jan 7, 2016
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Hello all, I recently had a crash with my Phantom 2 Vision+ and after spending a considerable ammount of time bending the gimbal arm back into shape very carefully, on startup I have a noise that comes from the gimbal motors, like a buzzing almost. I'm afraid I don't have a video I can show you, but endless searching has brought nothing.

The thing is that I have had this happen ever since I got it, but it seems to go on and off now constantly as long as the phantom is sitting still. Pardon my silliness, but it's like (Buzzzzzzz) silence (More buzzing) more silence (little bit more) etc etc. It doesn't sound crazy wrong necessarily, and it's always done that on startup as it's figuring out it's life choices, but now it seems to do it quite a bit more and I'm worried it's stressing the motor? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'd appreciate anything that could alleviate my paranoia.

PS-After bending the gimbal arm back into the semi-correct shape and taking several things apart and putting them back together to get it working with no errors, the gimbal clamp no longer fits (about an eighth of an inch too tall) so I think I'll have to file it down to get it to fit again. Was my fix on the gimbal close enough or should I still be worried?

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