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    Montage Music

    Hi, Im looking for some music to put in my montage of drone videos. I make quite a few videos, ranging from city skylines, to countrysides and golf courses. I need something thats energetic and captures the audiences attention, one of my favourites is "Run Boy Run - Woodkid" so anything similar...
  2. M

    Sound for Video on DJI Go 4 App

    Can you please help me, when I downloaded the Update for the DJI app to DJI GO 4 I was told that there was the ability to record sound from your phone and I would sync to your video, I must have checked No to the if I wanted to record sound Option. Can you please help me? I would like to have...
  3. We Talk UAV

    DJI Drones Noise Test

  4. D

    Attachable Drone Speaker

    I want to attach a speaker to my drone so I can play sound alerts to people in an area. I run the Phantom 4 drone off my phone and controller. Is there a speaker that could have a range ~75m/250ft, which I could attach to the drone. Possibly operate through the phone and/or controller? This...
  5. F

    Limp Roll on Gimbal

    P3P, boots up and operates fine almost all of the time. In cooler temperatures (15ºC is the warmest I've seen it happen) the ROLL on the camera gimbal goes limp. The gimbal seems to be functioning normally except it hangs to the left side. Tilt/Pan are fine, the roll just continually makes a...
  6. R

    Does anyone have any tips on how to capture natural sound with a Phantom Adv?

    Does anyone know how to capture natural sound with Phantom Advanced? I know the quadcopter does not have sound built-in.
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    Checking Motors Sound

    Hi Everyone .... Today I went to fly my P4 and upon taking up, when it was only about 2 inches off the ground, a gust of wind came and drifted my drone to the side, lost a little bit control of the drone, chipped just a little bit from 2 props and managed to turn off the motors just in time...
  8. C

    Slight grinding sound coming from gimbal?

    Hello all, I recently had a crash with my Phantom 2 Vision+ and after spending a considerable ammount of time bending the gimbal arm back into shape very carefully, on startup I have a noise that comes from the gimbal motors, like a buzzing almost. I'm afraid I don't have a video I can show...