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  1. N

    Do both the P2 vision and P2 vision plus have the same wifi module?

    Hey guys, First time posting here, Found lots of great information on here however i have come to a point where i am a bit stuck and hoping someone can help me out. I have recently purchased my first drone, a second hand Phantom 2 Vision (came with fc200 camera on a single axial mount). Plugged...
  2. C

    Phantom 2 camera

    Hello I’ve just brought a phantom 2 today for £100 . The drone dosnt have a camera or a gimbal . Just wonder if anyone can help me find a cheap camera and a gimbal
  3. L

    Phantom 2 camera question.

    Hello, I got a phantom 2 from a friend a while ago but did not get a gimbal or a camera I was looking around and came across the vision+ camera, but I have a normal Phantom 2. does anyone know if the vision+ camera works with it? Thank you!
  4. husoaga07

    Should I buy Phantom 1?

    Hello! I found a deal for 800₺ (approx. 120$) that includes; -2 batteries -2 sets of propellers -a strenghtened antenna -1 set of prop guards Is it worth it? If not, why? I currently have a JJRC H37, but I thought this is a great deal since it's DJI, right? But I'm not in a hurry. I'm gonna buy...
  5. sammit

    PH2 Vision + Gimbal Going Crazy

    Hi guys, First post. Up until now I have been able to find all the information needed to repair my drone. (I know its old, but it's doing fine for my needs atm) So i crashed it, got gimbal separation & the ribbon cable broke. I bought a DJI gimbal assembly repair kit which came with all the...
  6. AdamEzkaton

    Need a new Shell for Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H4-3d

    Crashed my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal. I need a new shell and havnt been able to find a shell specifically for the zenmuse. It needs a hole correct for the gimbal? Does anyone have a shell, motor, esc, two rubber mounts laying around? I found this on amazon but not even sure it it would...
  7. N

    Anyone Using a Phantom 2 with a Futaba controller and a Black Pearl monitor? ?

    I am having an issue getting a stable image using a Black Pearl monitor with a Phantom 2 and a GoPro 4. I think the answer may be simple, but cannot figure it out.
  8. D

    ZenMuse h3-3d Totally Crazy after big ribon replacement.

    Hi everyone. Recently i had a crash and broke the main ribon cable of the Zenmuse H3-3d, the one that connects the motors. I bought one on ebay and did the replacement. After the replacement and updated the zenmuse firmware, the gimbal went crazy as you can see in the video. Just a sum of the...
  9. Z

    P2V+ very strange and dangerous problem

    Hello fellow Phantom Pilots. I bought a used P2V+ that I was assured worked completely fine on a test flight before the seller put up the offer. However, no matter the flight mode I try, immediately after takeoff it will just shoot off backwards at a slight angle with a high speed. On the first...
  10. gringorio

    Free: DJI Phantom 2, spare parts and Phantom 3 spare parts (Tucson only)

    Update: Found a taker! This offer is no longer available. Here's the link to the CL ad with photos: DJI Phantom 2, spare parts and Phantom 3 spare parts I am giving away A Phantom 2 with gimbal and set up for FPV (needs goggles and a gopro camera). Needs batteries. Also included is the...
  11. C

    Start a New Conversation: Phantom 2 naza software and battery problem?

    Hello guys, I have been in the hobby for about a year now. Recently I bought a second hand phantom 2 vision+ without a camera that I converted to a normal phantom 2 with H3-3D and Gopro. I bought it from the secondhand section of a webshop that sells drones. The lipo had 24 chargers on it when...
  12. R

    Increasing FPC range? P2, ImmersionRC 25mw 5.8Ghz

    I have a phantom 2 with the ImmersionRC transmitter for FPV received by a Lilliput 7" monitor with dual receivers with circular polarized antennae all round. I seem to have a really short range for FPV, I can't give a distance to you as the screen is scrambled and I can't see the readout from...
  13. S


    I was given an old dji phantom 2 and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS FPV SETUP. I have a flysight monitor and i attached the tx to the drone and the rx to the monitor and i still get bad preview within 100 meters of me. Do I need to buy another 5.8 ghz antenna for my drone for a better...
  14. S

    Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-3D : FLIR Duo R

    Hi All, I'm wanting to build a relatively low budget thermal imaging drone, And I am struggling to find adequate information about the intergration between the DJI Phantom 2 with the H3-3D Gimbal and the flir Duo R camera. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that has done this build...
  15. T

    SELLING: Dji Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H4-3D inkl 5,8 Ghz FPV Flight Kit + LCD Display

    Dear Pilots, I am selling my partly totally new partly refurbished >DJI PHANTOM 2 + H4-3D Gimbal + FPV Kit with LCD Screen<. You can buy it directly via eBay. If you are out of EU we need to agree on terms of shipment. The Auktion is here: Here the Specs: H4-3D Zenmuse (boxed as new) - ca...
  16. T

    can be closed

    Can be closed
  17. T

    Did I accidentally turn of the engine an kill my P2?

    Dear Co-Pilots, just had my third flight today and the worst thing ever happened - my P2 with the zenmuse and GoPro attached to it, crashed from ca. 50 feet on concrete - yes, she didnt survive. Thus 3 rotors are still working and the battery too - now I would like to get the flight data out...
  18. T

    Phantom 2 + Hero4 + FPV = possible?

    Dear Pilots, I am new to this forum and I hope that my concern is well accepted here :) Yesterday I flew my Phantom II with the 3D/H4 gimbal - all quite well after the first tries. Today I read about the problems, if you use the GoPro Capture App as your FPV-Monitor. I am Edit: Using the Go...
  19. P

    Please help my p2 returns home after a minute or 2 and I cant regain control!!

    Please help my p2 returns home after a minute or 2 and I cant regain control!! I go out to fly my phantom 2 and I do all the start up procedures I lift off and after about a minute the phantom stops in its tracks and blinks yellow continuously. It sits there for about 5 seconds and then goes to...