1. R

    Gimbal problem, noise and no connection to app

    Hello to all. I have the problem show in the video. Has Someone had the same issue? You can find the video on my google drive. Thank you Rohs
  2. T

    Gimbal makes grinding noise after crash

    After a crash, two props were damaged, and one of the arms separated a bit. Gimbal makes a strange noise now. Please look at the short video and let me know what you think. The camera works fine. I am concerned with the rattling noise that it is making. Here is a link to a short video.
  3. T

    New Props Old Drone

    Has anyone actually tried the new p4p v2 props on an original p4p yet?! Is it any quieter and worth the money?
  4. M


    When I open up HD in the DJIGO app I noticed all the channels were rapidly going up and down with blinking red yellow and green bars. Is the RC broken. Cause I have scoured the web for days looking for anything relevant and no luck. Thanks
  5. H

    P4 Firmware Last 2 Firmware Updates - Permanent Buzzing noise and left angled camera

    Help needed! I've had my phantom 4 pro for about 4mths and update it whenever there is a new firmware out. However, since the 2nd last update I've had a whirring noise with the camera tilted to the left ever so slightly. DJI Assistant 2 has no record of the previous firmware and so I can't...
  6. John Raw

    RC device & Drone music ?

    Why RC devices & Noisy beatless stuff both have the same name ? Here is mine. I'm sure we all have the same fun with ours, take care drones pilots Cheers. that's all
  7. P

    Stealth Drone Propellers

    Hi All - My colleague and I are developing new rotors for drones to significantly quiet the noise coming from the drones we love to fly. He is a nautical engineer who develops propulsion units for high end ships and I am a plastics engineer who knows all sorts of manufacturing techniques for...
  8. See Norway

    Rattling NOISE in propellers - FIX :)

    Bearing or rattling noise when turning your propellers? Here is a FIX!
  9. We Talk UAV

    DJI Drones Noise Test

  10. C

    Brand New Gimbal making terrible noise P4P

    I just received my new Phantom 4 Pro in the mail a few days ago and noticed that the Gimbal is making a terrible sound. I'll attach a video of it below, I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this? I haven't flown it outside yet, only inside in an open room. I've tried calibrating...
  11. Dramface460

    New P4, now having issues with VPS and strange sound

    Hi all, This week I received a replacement drone from DJI. Didnt have much time to fly it until later this week. yesterday I had severe drops in altitude. Called DJI and was told to use the DJI assistant 2 to calibrate the VPS. strange because I did not have to with my original p4 and it was...
  12. A

    Noob with strange sound

    Hello all , I have flown my new Phantom 3s 8 -10 times since Christmas. Beside having to configure the compass 4 different times I have had no issues with the unit until today. There was a whirring sound that seemed to be coming from the gimbal. The gimbal was making small jerky movements that...
  13. K

    P3s Gimbal Noise

    After purchasing the P3 I took it for a few flights, but all off the sudden the back of the camera/gimbal started to make a shaking noise. If you touch the back of the camera it usually stops but it's just worrying. I found a video that sounds just like my issue
  14. C

    Gimbal Fan Noise

    Had my P3P recased few weeks back in NY at the DJI certified repair shop. Took a god awful long time and I don't want to send it back, but i got it back 1-2 weeks ago and haven't had a chance until today to start it up and put it in the sky again. I flew it but didn't notice any issues. When i...
  15. B

    Prop Noise Increased on Phantom 4 with Pelican Case

    To the point: Don't store and/or transport your bird with the props attached, the foam may cause just enough pressure to temporarily bend the props increasing their noise output. To avoid this potential increased prop noise, transport and store your quadcopter with the props removed. If you...
  16. J

    Clicking noise from sensors?

    Hey all I am a total rookie and know little about drones. I know how to fly them and all but I'm new to all the new hardware. I mainly use my P3A for videography I purchased the P3A last week. Took it out of the box (Yes I read the manual and everything) tested everything and is working. Then I...
  17. BayouBill

    Continuous whining

    On firing up a new P3A I immediately noticed a whining noise that starts a few seconds after gimbal initialization and continues until the battery is turned off. It sounds like a small fan with bad bearings. At first I thought it was the sonar used by VPS but after reading this forum, the...
  18. Y

    Noisey Video Footage? P3A

    Hello, So I've been doing more and more videos on the P3A and when I get it into processing I've noticed that it appears to be quite noisey (grain). Has anyone else experienced this and can provide info on how to fix it? I've been watching some videos on YouTube from P3A on 1080p and the video...
  19. M

    DJI Phantom 4 Motor is making an awful sound.

    Hi everyone! I was out flying today and I am feeling SUPER concerned about my drone. It flew fine, i flew 3 batteries on it while it was making this noise!! I do remember seeing a lot of bugs on my FPV screen, and when I flew back my drone had a bunch of bug stains. I don't know if that had...
  20. M

    To much noise while recording sunset!!

    Hi guys, I am writing here because I am a bit annoying that I can't get a nice sunset footage without having to much noise in the image. I can't get anything online I tried so adjust the settings in the app but nothing.