Rebuilding old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ recovered from electronics trash

Sep 21, 2022
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So, I've got this old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ from a friend, it was about to be discarded so we decided to recover it.

It came with original box, but it was completely disassembled, seems the original owner had plans to sell the parts separately and gave up on that later.
It was only missing the battery+charger, which I've already purchased.

So I've cleaned and reassembled it completely.

The only issue I found so far is that the ESC/motor connected to M3 on main PCB, keeps blinking and beeping when I turn the bird on, like there's no communication on the data cable.
So, to check if it was a faulty ESC, I switched the ESC+motor with the one that was connected to M1.
But the problem persists on M3 location, also the ESC+Motor that were originally on M3 works fine connected to the main board M1 connector.

So I'm pretty sure all 4 ESC+motors are working fine. The issue is on the main PCB (M3 data connection) or with the flight control unit. (or maybe a wrong connection of the cables on the flight control?)

Everything else is working fine, I can connect to the wifi repeater and see the live feed from the drone camera (still haven't tested the recording as I got no 32 GB sd cards available, will be buying one soon).
And of course, I can start the 3 motors by pressing center downwards on the control. (but for that I have to remove power from the ESC connected to M3).

Here's what I've done so far:

- Disassembled the wifi module, soldered an USB-UART converter and reflashed the NAND, just in case to avoid any potential issues related to vision transmission.
- Reseted the main board firmware by shorting F1+F2 from flight control unit (orange sticker box), then upgraded to the latest version with DJI Assistant (usb cable connected to P2V+)
- Updated all firmwares to latest versions.
- Executed the advanced calibration using DJI Assistant.

Any ideas how can I trace this issue on M3, what tests can I make?



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In the end it was just a cracked trace. I've made a wire jump from M3 connector directly to the flight control unit wire and it worked, drone is functional now. Thanks.


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