1. C

    Phantom 1 shell fit p2v+

    Bought a used p2v+ this past weekend at a swap meet and I didn’t look close enough at it as I was concerned too much about how it works as it is my first drone. Anyways the shell and landing gear are in rough shape and it need to be fixed up. I found a p1 complete for 100 that won’t fly and...
  2. A

    For Sale - P2 Vision+

    All: Not sure what the market is for a P2 Vision Plus but I'm looking to sell mine if anyone is interested. Includes original box, drone, one battery and the controller. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Also open to trade for a Spark. Full Disclosure: Has the faulty wifi module issue where...
  3. Brent10

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus 4mm Upgraded GPS module

    SOLD: I have a Phantom 2 Vision Plus 4mm GPS module for sale. It has been upgraded with a 4mm antenna. GPS module DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus upgraded with 4mm patch antenna | eBay
  4. W

    DJI Vision White SCREEN of death Help

    I need to rebind my wifi extender with my P2V+. But the DJI Vision app wont work. When input my user name and pass code the app goes to a white screen and then closes on it's own or say "DJI VISION ISN'T RESPONDING". I have not used he in a few months and don't know whats going on. Some one...
  5. Z

    P2V+ very strange and dangerous problem

    Hello fellow Phantom Pilots. I bought a used P2V+ that I was assured worked completely fine on a test flight before the seller put up the offer. However, no matter the flight mode I try, immediately after takeoff it will just shoot off backwards at a slight angle with a high speed. On the first...
  6. Brent10

    P2V+ Black Screen: DJI to Offer P2 Care Plan for certain Phantom 2 users

    Looks like those of us with the P2V+ black screen problem may qualify for repair/replacement. However, I have already opened up my wifi module and left evidence of soldering when I re-flashed the NAND chip (which fixed it for three days). So mine may not qualify for the Care Plan given that it...
  7. S

    No connection with the Remote

    Ahoy fellow pilots, as the subject says, there is a problem on my P2V+ with the remote controller connection. Same thing as shown in this video for P3: (original thread link: Standard - NO WIFI - NO SSID - NO CONNECTION WITH REMOTE CONTROLER) It all worked fine and then after the last flight...
  8. W

    Tether system

    I am starting to work on a small project - trying to build a tether system for P2V+ (currently). The controls will be using joystick and laptop (or any OS based system). I am trying to figure out what I would need. I want to remove the wifi unit, RC transmitter and receiver completely. Instead...
  9. S

    P2v+ dreaded black screen.

    Hello. So I bought a p2v+ off a friend who had crashed it- end result was a broken camera( beyond fixing). I then bought a direct link from a company which allowed me to plug a zenmuse h33d straight into the existing wires ( the 3 camera cables plug into a pcb board which then powers the gimbal...
  10. andretomasi

    Phanduino Plus

    Hi everyone, Well, turns out my P2V+ has fallen victim to the Wi-fi module problem. No video in the app, telemetry working fine. I tried the fix mentioned around a lot and reflashed the module using a USB serial adapter, but the board is definitely gone. My P2V+ is one of the V2.0, with a...
  11. D

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Quad Copter Drone

    I have for sale a Phantom 2 Vision Plus, that has been crashed, and is being sold as is. I tangled with a lilac bush, just trying to get that shot. It was not a very big crash. So I went back to the launch point, to try again, I should've done a power cycle on the quad and the remote, and...
  12. P3A_Demon

    Headed to DJI for repair.

    Hello, Phantom 3 Advance owner here, trying to help a friend with a Vision Plus Video problem. I sent it in to DJI for diagnostics and was wondering about a couple things. Wanted some input from anyone who has sent one in. It has the WiFi (no video) issue, but also has a gimble obstruction...
  13. T

    Can't fix erratic gimbal

    Had a hard enough landing to break camera roll pin. Replaced roll pin and fixed lose pitch pin. Made sure camera was level after roll pin repair. Had erratic gimbal. Replaced gray cables from gimbal to Pantom as they looked like they may have rubbed on battery. Still had erratic gimbal. Tried...
  14. R

    Use phantom network to send video?

    I have a thought on how to make a Seek Thermal Camera connected to an Android phone then connected to Phantom network. Connect a laptop to the Phantom Network and mirror the screen from the android phone to the laptop. My big question is will the Phantom Network have enough bandwidth to have a...
  15. R

    Camera ribbon replacement now this!

    Ok so I did have a very bad crash the other day. The bird flew at full speed at a large metal object......think the compass was affected. So instead of crashing full speed into this object (water tower) I decided to kill the motors and let her come down from about 10 feet. well it flipped over...
  16. P

    Gimbal tilt - Only works occasionally on P2V+ (using Litchi for P2). Help!

    My P2V+ seems to have an intermittent problem wrt the gimbal tilt. It only works occasionally when using Litchi for Phantom 2. It works with the DJI app ok but that's useless and the Ground station simply doesn't work at all. Normally Litchi loads up OK and the Gimbal control lights up...
  17. phxbird57

    Wind Surfers Best Bang for your Buck in my opinion

    I've been playing around with wind surfer for about 5 months on the Phantom 2 vision plus and the Phantom 3 advanced. Here I'll be talking about the P2v+. Most of the Wind surfers I have made myself . with empty pill bottles or vitamin bottles. That ever seems to work best for the size of the...

    Firmware update started and p2v+ started acting crazy

    Hi all, I had the p2v+ connected to computer for updates etc. I had been a while since I had checked. i also had the RC turned on. A message said I needed a RC update. When I click "upgrade" my p2v+ started beeping and the gimbal started twitching. After a little while of this and thinking...
  19. E

    P2V+ Camera/Gimbal Fully Functional

    I have both a v2 and a v3 that are fully refurbished and ready to go. The v2 has the gimbal saver installed to prevent separation. (this one has never separated). Each will sell with 8GB memory card, lens protector, and gimbal brace. I'm asking 250$ for each. The v3 is posted on EBAY, if...
  20. D

    has anyonr tried 3 blade props?

    so I ran across something like this.. 2pairs DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus 9443 Self-Locking Foldable CF 3-Blade Propeller I was wondering if these props are pretty good, or bad? if anyone has tried them and if so what was it like?