1. B

    Rebuilding old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ recovered from electronics trash

    So, I've got this old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ from a friend, it was about to be discarded so we decided to recover it. It came with original box, but it was completely disassembled, seems the original owner had plans to sell the parts separately and gave up on that later. It was only missing the...
  2. K

    Is Phantom2 programmable?

    Hello, I received the part that controls the drones with coding in the project. But I couldn't find out that Phantom 2 is programmable. So my question is... Is Phantom2 programmable? If possible, please let me know more about the open source address or it. Thank you. :)
  3. H

    Is a Patch Antenna Worth the purchase?

    I have a question regarding my FPV setup. My liliput only has 1 Antenna connector. I don't know if I should get the dual pack of IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP V2's. Or if I should get 1 IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP V2 for the transmitter and a 5.8GHz SpiroNET Mini Patch Antenna for the monitor? Are...
  4. sammit

    PH2 Vision + Gimbal Going Crazy after installing new version motors etc

    Hi guys, First post. Up until now I have been able to find all the information needed to repair my drone. (I know its old, but it's doing fine for my needs atm) So i crashed it, got gimbal separation & the ribbon cable broke. I bought a DJI gimbal assembly repair kit which came with all the...
  5. N

    Crash & new (scary beeping)

    Hello everyone, As I was flying today, the drone literally fell from the sky.. the results are bad. Broken prop, the battery was "ejected" from the drone, so was the GoPro and the gimbal... à part of the drone is also broken ... Very angry/sad about that, I tried ever since to turn it on, with...
  6. N

    Shaking zenmuse gimbal (or drone) ?

    Hello everyone, I think I need the knowledge of you guys. Here's the problem: My Phantom2 is equipped with the H4-3D gimbal. It's been working great so fat until yesterday. I can't say wether the problem comes form the drone itself of the gimbal, BUT the whole thing is very shaky (which I can...
  7. N

    Red lights blinking when I turn on the remote

    Hello guys ! I hope that this message finds you Well. Here's my issue : My phantom has been working normally so far, but today when I wanted to make it fly, it just kept blinking red. I then noticed that it happens as soon as I turn on the remote because when the remote is off, the drone slowly...
  8. D

    $450 - Phantom 2/Zenmuse H3-3D/Gopro 3+ silver + accessories/Feiyu G3 gimble

    Selling as a complete set. P2 purchased new May 2014 when it was barely released. I really did not fly it much. Comes with 2 batteries. Everything works except for 1 of the batteries I believed is bricked. I didn't store them properly. It'll charge about halfway and shows that it's fully...
  9. 1

    Trying to sell P2 with Gimbal.. but need help fixing it

    Hey guys! I'm new to this thread but I'm trying to sell my P2 with its H3-3d Gimbal already installed however for some reason now when I turn on the device it is stuck at like a 15-degree angle and won't go up any further (here is a picture: H3-3D Gimbal Broken..). I've tried plugging it into my...
  10. B

    First film, from Norway:)

    Hey, feedback is appriciated for my fiorst film! Filmed with a P2 and a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
  11. P

    Dji phantom 2 battery solid red light

    Unfortunately had a crash involving water 4 days ago, was only in the water for about 5 seconds, and the only part that got submerged were the legs, the h4-3D gimbal, and my go pro. Once out of the water took the battery out, got the go pro off, and went home to disassemble and let it dry...
  12. D

    Phantom2 with Phantom3 landing gear

    Hi, Would the P3 landing gear fit on the P2 ? I ask because the P3 has a little more height. Thanks
  13. Zefnoly

    Had a nice deer encounter some days ago

    Was out to fly after weeks of high wind and bad flying conditions when the weather finally got wind free. Then i saw a deer lusking in some high grass 300m away. I was thinking about flying towards it at the first sight. But i was not expecting to get a shot as the last time i was going to fly...
  14. G

    DJI Phantom 2 FPV Help

    Hi! I've bought a FPV setup, and I can't connect it. I do not have the gimbal or the DJI IOSD mini, but people are saying that it works without the gimbal and the IOSD Mini. How should I connect it? If anyone know a video off how to connect without the gimbal or IOSD Mini, that would be great...
  15. F

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus cases for sale.

    One Blurex hard case. I think it was supposed to be for a phantom 2 because I had to cut some of the foam out to make room for the remote control to fit correctly, but it fits fine without having to take the props off. IS CARRY ON BAGGAGE SIZE FOR MOST AIRLINES. PRICE 110.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED...
  16. N

    FPV Problems - GoPro

    Hey Fellow Flyers, I have set up my Phantom 2 - V2: Immersion 600mw Tx Black Pearl Rx - 32 channel - NSTC GoPro 3 Plus - Black - NTSC IOSD Mini Immersion Spiros - Tx and Rx pair Now when I put my GoPro as Picture, the Rx is clear (but of course I cannot capture footage). If I put the GoPro...
  17. N

    Choppy Video on FPV - Less than 20cm Away!

    Help!!! My FPV kit isn't working... GoPro and Black Pearl are both in NTSC... Right channels on TX and RX... New Immersion RC antenna (with Immersion RC 600mw TX) to try fix the problem.... But I still get choppy screen... Advice, is the Tx faulty?
  18. W

    Second flight with fpv

    I'd like to thank you all for your supportive feedback. I've now taken my drone out again for a second flight, this time using an ND filter on my GoPro. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Two questions I have are: How to improve the quality of the GoPro footage? Even when using the...
  19. G

    Immersion RC Gopro FPV?

    Hello! I Was wondering if there was any way I could connect my gopro hero 3+ to my Fatshark / Immersion RC Transmitter. I would like to connect it to my fatshark goggles. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. D

    H4-3D Yaw!

    Hi! Is it possible to get the H4-3D gimbal pointing straight down?? So the angle is looking directly down to the ground from above... (see photo) Thanks in advance!