1. B

    Rebuilding old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ recovered from electronics trash

    So, I've got this old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ from a friend, it was about to be discarded so we decided to recover it. It came with original box, but it was completely disassembled, seems the original owner had plans to sell the parts separately and gave up on that later. It was only missing the...
  2. J

    Using Phantom 1 ESC and motors for DIY Arduino project

    First post! I just bought a used Phantom 1 and gutted the insides. I want to use the Phantom 1 ESCs and motors to build an underwater drone. So the ESC has three phase wires for the motors, two wires for 11V and ground, and lastly, two wires (yellow and brown), which I assume is a signal cable...
  3. S

    Phantom 2 V3 Vision + No Motor Start, GPS Lock or Video

    I bought a used P2 V3 V+ that may have been in some kind of crash for parts or repair. I don't have much background on it, it has some small visible damage but the gimbal is intact and for the most part it looks like it may have been a minor crash, it came with the updated controller that...
  4. BenjiHoggi

    Phantom 3 Std. Motherboard/ESC failure on power-on - Please Help

    Hello all, I'm asking for some help here because I'm losing my mind with frustration at what has happened to my drone. Let me explain. I'm a Phantom 3 Standard owner. I'm also a full time student, so this was a fairly large purchase and something I put a lot of time and research into. I...
  5. G

    "motor obstructed" error even with known good motor

    Hello everyone ! I've just bought my first drone last week, a P3A that seems to have been in a crash because the gimbal was completely broken in pieces, but the seller gave me a new spare one that i mounted and its working great. the seller told me that I just had to resolder 2 motors but it...
  6. M

    ESC status error after hard contact with tree and a few seconds in shallow water

    Yes... I flew Phantom 3 Advanced into tree and it came down into shallow (about 4 inches of water near shore) water where I grabbed it less than 3 seconds later. Anyway, now getting "ESC status error. Restart aircraft." Searching internet and this forum suggest ESC errors might come from bad...
  7. Brent10

    SOLD: P2V+ Parts for Sale (motors, batteries, main board, controller + long range antenna)

  8. quaddamage

    Fix ESC Status Error on Ph3 Pro Ph3 Adv or Ph3 Std

    Follow the steps to fix ESC Status Error on Phantom 3 aircraft. This will let you repair the drone by either replacing the damaged component or fix it on component level. Currently the diagram matches all: Ph3 Standard, Ph3 Professional and Ph3 Advanced. The diagram is oriented towards users...
  9. Z

    Phantom 4 Pro Camera Roll/Yaw Motor ESC

    Hello I need to replace the Roll/Yaw ESC on my camera. I have found a replacement part for the Phantom 4 on E-Bay. It looks the same as the Pro one.My question is will it work on the Pro Camera.If not can you steer me in the right direction to get the correct board for the Phantom 4 Pro. Thanks!
  10. AdamEzkaton

    Need a new Shell for Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H4-3d

    Crashed my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal. I need a new shell and havnt been able to find a shell specifically for the zenmuse. It needs a hole correct for the gimbal? Does anyone have a shell, motor, esc, two rubber mounts laying around? I found this on amazon but not even sure it it would...
  11. B

    Interchangeable Phantom 3 Parts

    Hello. This is my first time ever using a forum so I apologize in advance. I have a phantom 3 4k, and I love it. Only thing, I wish it had light bridge, and Russian satellite, but that isn't as much of a priority as light bridge. Are any of those parts interchangeable? Here is why I ask. I...
  12. L

    Need some advice on the Phantom 4 Pro - used

    hi Guys, I had my Phantom 4 since new, but a recent deal came up on a phantom 4 pro. Looking for some advice from the pro guys just so I can test the unit thoroughly. My only concerns would be getting a bird that falls out of the sky since its been abused or ESC/ Motors failing. Seller...
  13. M

    P4P Motors lifespan/MTBF?

    Working on a project in a tropical environment with a P4P. We're flying mapping missions with DJI Ground Station. We've got about 80hrs on the system an I'm starting to worry about the motors and ESCs. We run about 10 batteries per day for a week at a time. What's the lifespan or MTBF of those...
  14. P

    Phantom 3 Pro, ESC part 96? with Older 2312 Motors

    Hi (from Sweden, so please excuse all my spelling misstakes) I have a Phantom 3 Pro with a damage mainboard. Everything works exept that tiny tiny tiny problem, that it wont lift off. It´s showing this ESC failure message, so i must come to the conclusion that it´s broken.:( The drone has never...
  15. D

    ESC Error after obstructed rotor - take a peek at my board?

    Hey everyone, thanks in advanced for any assistance. I have a p3pro that took a topple from a few feet and had its rotor(s) obstructed for a few seconds before i thought to kill it. it started throwing an esc error immediately after and wouldn't take off. I re-calibrated and it seemed to work...
  16. S

    Is there anyone that can fix an ESC error?

    I crashed my p4 and after the crash it still flew perfectly. The body was damaged so i replaced it, and i (tried) sanding the coating off the motor wires (i spliced them). If there is anyone that I can ship this too, or that can help me please contact me. When I connect the controller it says...
  17. U

    ESC Trouble Code after shell replacement

    Hi, I am new to this site as well as to drones. I have a P3 Pro and my shell was cracked up due to stress and minor crashes so I decided to replace the shell. The new one came with LED lights already in it. I wired them in to motherboard and re-installed everything back in. Everything connected...
  18. V

    phantom 2 esc problem

    hello, im am a newbie and i have a limited idea in phantom 2. i have a damaged phantom 2 latest version and i want to repair it, 1 of the esc (attached photo) got bent and i want to replace it. i dont have any idea what specific esc i will buy. can anyone help me what kind of esc i will buy...
  19. B

    WTB: P3P ESC Mainboard

    I am looking for a good mainboard for a P3P. I purchased one that had been crashed and burnt one of the motors up. Replaced the motor but still getting ESC error. Thanks, Robert
  20. A

    Bad motor diagnosis ?

    Dear pilot friends, Recently my P3S has suffered an accident. One of the propellers slightly hit a tree branch and made the drone drop like a rock into a swimming pool undernearth it. As quick as I could, I pulled it out from the pool, removed the battery right away and was able to get rid of...