1. B

    Rebuilding old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ recovered from electronics trash

    So, I've got this old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ from a friend, it was about to be discarded so we decided to recover it. It came with original box, but it was completely disassembled, seems the original owner had plans to sell the parts separately and gave up on that later. It was only missing the...
  2. DaShu

    Phanton 4 PRO Chassis w/ ESC's, motors, led's, gps unit

    Stripped out of a Phantom 4 PRO. Chassis has a broken sensor arm(as seen) but whats really for sale is the ESC's (left/right), motors, and LED lights, GPS antenna. $200 + shipping. Everything is still wired to the boards.
  3. S

    P4P doesn't work well and facing sideward after replacing some components

    I crashed the drone and gimbal got structural damage. So I decided to repair it, however I have come across this problem that I can't solve. :confused: The 1st thing I did was to mount the whole gimbal mechanism from other good P4P (only red part at the image) to quickly discard if there was a...
  4. W

    Need help finding the right motors for my Phantom!

    Hi all. I have a Phantom 2 Vision + (Model no: PV331) v2.0 and i rely don´t know what motors i need to get. The main problem is that i got 3 motors that are totally dead and than i want to replace them all not just the dead motors. And i have searched and as i understand it is this motors...
  5. J

    FailSafe motor failure firmware from can land drone with only two motors running

    Out of Zurich Switzerland. Firmware upgrade that could allow you to land your drone even if only two of the four motors worked. I did email DJI and Colin Guinn to see if they would be incorporating this software into current and future drones.
  6. H

    One motor is slow?

    The other day I managed to crash my drone into black sand, one motor started spinning very slow and the others were still spinning fast. So I assumed it was just the black sand slowing it down stuck in the motor, so I disassembled the drone and took the motor apart, cleaned all the sand out...
  7. G

    "motor obstructed" error even with known good motor

    Hello everyone ! I've just bought my first drone last week, a P3A that seems to have been in a crash because the gimbal was completely broken in pieces, but the seller gave me a new spare one that i mounted and its working great. the seller told me that I just had to resolder 2 motors but it...
  8. Brent10

    SOLD: P2V+ Parts for Sale (motors, batteries, main board, controller + long range antenna)

  9. AdamEzkaton

    Need a new Shell for Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H4-3d

    Crashed my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal. I need a new shell and havnt been able to find a shell specifically for the zenmuse. It needs a hole correct for the gimbal? Does anyone have a shell, motor, esc, two rubber mounts laying around? I found this on amazon but not even sure it it would...
  10. Z

    Help !!!!! Phantom 4 Motors Clogged with Confetti

    I am a 13 year old boy living in America. I run a small (microscopic) Aerial Photography Business in Pittsburgh, PA. Last time, when we were photographing a Party with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro, some idiotic kid aimed and fired a Party Popper at my Drone, filling all the 4 Motors with Confetti. The...
  11. Dronus

    weird P4 motor noise

    Hi everyone, my p4's motor's got a weird noise, listen here: never had no crash, I can hear a kind of whistling when it's flying. I noticed that it's a bit shaky some times as well. Thanks for your answers Simon
  12. G

    P3A motor noise

    First, the motor made a strange metallic clicking noise when I turned it with my hand. After that, I made 2 short <5 min flights, and in the second one I accidentally crashed into a branch of a tree and the drone fell on the props onto the ground. There was no damage except one broken prop...
  13. C

    Replacement Motors?

    I'm a dummy and put too long of screws in the motor mounts. As a result I need four replacement motors. The motors say BFBR 0584D and AFCT 1255D, but I see in eBay and Amazon there are part numbers 94 and 95 with 2312A.
  14. T

    SOLD DJI Phantom 3 Motors Part 7 2312

    SOLD SOLD DJI Phantom 3 Motors Two CCW Part 7 2312 Motor $7.00 (USD) each Two CW Part 7 2312 Motor $7.00 (USD) each I will pickup shipping in the US in the lower 48 states and the PayPal fee's
  15. R

    Rope caught in motor

    I was flying the drone (phantom 3) and I ran into a rope that was hanging of the side of the house. It got caught in the motor and it gave me a motor obstructed error. It seems to be working fine after I untangled it, but I'm wondering if it is okay.
  16. F

    P3S motor cover moving up

    had a good flight, after landing, go to take off again & the bird flips over. one prop not spinning. I spun the props by hand & it seemed a little tight compared to the other 3. in playing with it, I squeezed the grey cover down into the arm & it clicked in & then it worked ok. I'm worried...
  17. H

    Black Motor Coils

    Hi, i recently got a Phantom 3 Advanced and i just noticed that one of the motors coils has turned black after i have flown it a couple of times. Is it still safe to fly on the current motor or is it best to get a replacement motor? image inserted bellow
  18. S

    part # for ccw motor p3p

    Hello All, Needing to replace a CCW motor on my p3p4k and DJI support was zero help. The motors look like 2312A but I read a tech bulletin referencing this motor is only for the p3 standard. Can anyone of you gentlemen shed some light on what motor I need? Thank you
  19. J

    Phantom 3 motor at an angle ?

    Hello I have just noticed after putting on some prop guards , that the motors on my P3 sit at an angle and not straight.Putting on the guards it is really obvious where you see one end of the blade comes within 1/4 inch of the guard the other end has plenty of clearance.Its not the guards that...
  20. J

    One motor spinning slow before take off - is this issue?

    Might be a silly question but my dad has a DJI Phantom Vision 2 + and when you start up motors before take off one seems to be running slow when you look directly down on them, also when you power it down it shuts off much quicker. We did not want to fly it incase there was an issue, has this...