1. B

    Rebuilding old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ recovered from electronics trash

    So, I've got this old Phantom 2 Vision Plus+ from a friend, it was about to be discarded so we decided to recover it. It came with original box, but it was completely disassembled, seems the original owner had plans to sell the parts separately and gave up on that later. It was only missing the...
  2. N

    Do both the P2 vision and P2 vision plus have the same wifi module?

    Hey guys, First time posting here, Found lots of great information on here however i have come to a point where i am a bit stuck and hoping someone can help me out. I have recently purchased my first drone, a second hand Phantom 2 Vision (came with fc200 camera on a single axial mount). Plugged...
  3. B

    For Sale - Phantom 3 Adv Camera (& other parts)

    I am parting out a Phantom 3 Advanced that has the compass connector broken off the ESC board. Owner tried to open shell and broke it. Drone was flying great prior to him trying to open it up. Powers up and all clear, just gives compass error. 2.7k Camera, Gimbal and mount in excellent shape...
  4. V

    P2V swapping radio tx module in remote controller

    Dear pilots Im new to the forum, but not so new to RC and flying phantoms. I've searched half of the web to find the answer, but with no success. So I am asking you for help. I think about using my remote from P2 v.2 (2.4Ghz) with P2V at 5.8Ghz. I have both remotes on both frequencies, but I...
  5. Procharged97

    P2 and P3 Bazooka Dipoles!!!

    Hey guys if your looking to mod your bird with dipoles check these out. These are a great match if your using DBS Itelite panels. These are a lot better than the other ones out there and are strong and use silver plated coax. 2.4GHz Bazooka Dipoles
  6. S

    Video feed lost on rec/take image

    Hi everybody! So, like a lot of people around here, I also have a Phantom Vision 2 + with video feed problem. When I press the REC button (or try to take a pic), I get the shutter animation followed by a black screen with "Phantom connection broken" and the video feed never gets back. I need...
  7. R

    Prop Guard Long Screw Motor/ESC Short

    Hi all, long time reader, first time poster, I made the boneheaded move today of putting in the long screws from the prop guards back into the drone. When I went to fire up the drone (to only my surprise) two of the motors did not work and two LEDs would not illuminate. Do I need to replace...
  8. E

    Can i install Phantom 2 vision camera on my Phantom 2 vision+ plug&play?

    Hi Can i install Phantom 2 vision camera on my Phantom 2 vision+ plug&play? or no i need to buy a new module and install it inside?
  9. E

    Phantom 2.0 Vision+ Missing Gimbal/Camera (can i still connect)?

    Hi I bought a Phantom 2.0 Vision+ , it didn't have a Gimbal/Camera. I have the remote with the wifi extender re700. can i still connect the phantom and get any information from the smart phone. or the app is only for camera? is the wifi module in the camera or phantom, can i verify if it is...
  10. H

    FS : Brand New Phantom 2 Vision Battery

    My wife ordered a few things for my Phantom 3, and accidentally ordered a P2VIsion Battery also. God bless her for doing it, so can't be mad at her. :D Anyways, It is brand new in package, just got it yesterday, so brand spanking new. Asking $75+Shipping for it, which should be a good price...