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So, I got into drones from rescuing two of them from the pawn shop. the pawn shops got jipped because they didn't know how to look for damages. all they wanted to see was it fly.

Damage Assessment:
Cracked GPS, craptastic soldering jobs on wiring inside, and a broken battery connector with holes drilled into the top shell..Honestly when I peeled the black skin off to find this, i thought it was hit with bird shot or something, Props were after market, un-balanced carbon fiber, A motor bearing had seized, and the battery area was cracked.

So I ordered a new shell.....I should be able to find this anywhere I thought. P1 shell , not hard right? Ebay that day was my best friend.




This drone had needed some love and care. I upgraded the GPS antenna, gave it a gimbal, and 2 battery holders. Rebuilt the motor with some nice sealed 2 dollar bearings (that was for four), Increased the gauge of the wires to the MSC and the Motor Itself. After that I clear coated it with automotive clear, then added a triple loop wire antenna inside the phantom with some copper shielding for the gps.

The shell Cost me $35.00, if I would have done the dip myself, activator, plus film is about 30-40.
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