phantom 1

  1. J

    Tx signal Lost Phantom 1

    I havent flied this phantom in years, i just fixed the issue about the battery and replaced it and after that, i tried binding the drone to the remote using this tutorial After that it kept flashing yellow lights indicating a signal lost. So how do i fix this
  2. Pixies Channel.

    Sheffield in the air, Litchi waypoint mission, Phantom 4.

    Sheffield (/ˈʃɛfiːld/ (About this soundlisten)) is a city and metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, its name derives from the River Sheaf, which runs through the city. With some of its southern suburbs annexed from Derbyshire, the...
  3. D

    WTS DJI Phantom 1 with Zenmuse Gimbal + 3 x Batts

    Hi All, We have an original Phantom 1 with Zenmuse gimbal and 3 batteries for sale. Comes complete with transmitter and box. I have cycled the batteries and they appear fine but I would not rely on them due to the age (around 3 - 4 years. It hasn't been used for two years as my son upgraded to...
  4. J

    Oof, I'm Stumped

    I've got a problem with phantom 1, when I connect a battery to my drone it flashes red, yellow, and green and my drone does not respond to my controller. I tried using the Naza mv2 assistance, however, i could not connect my drone to the program itself. I made sure to install the driver needed...
  5. M

    Location of Phantom 1 Serial Number

    I've done a Google search and searched this forum, but can't find any posts on this... Where is the aircraft serial number located for a Phantom 1? Thanks in advance...
  6. R

    DJI Phantom 1 with Zenmuse Gimbal, 7" FPV monitor & case - $250

    I am selling my Phantom 1 drone with Zenmuse gimbal for GoPro, 7" FPV video monitor, GoProfessional travel case with wheels ($200.00 new). All modifications were professionally installed by DSLR Pros. It has had fairly light use, and is in very good shape. I am including the following: DJI...
  7. Ripper74

    Phantom receiver 2.4 ghz tx rf c1

    Selling the receiver board and antennas for the phantom 1.1.1 25$. Plus shipping
  8. J

    Spare parts for DJI Phantom 1

    Hello, I am looking for spare parts for my phantom 1 bought in 2013! What I'm looking for are the non-self-locking propellers that were used on the first version of the Phantom 1. It's unfortunate that DJI does not keep those spare parts of their aircraft available to these customers for a few...
  9. A

    Ocusync Air for FPV on a Phantom 1?

    New to the PhantomPilots forum. I just received my new dji Racing Edition Goggles and Ocusync Air unit and I’m wondering if is possible to modify my old dji Phantom 1 to get some FPV flying experience before risking a Mavic Pro or trying to learn on a racing drone. I’m thinking of hanging the...
  10. Ozzy

    ISO FC40 camera

    Got a used fc40 on CL but the camera is wrecked. Anybody have one laying around to spare?
  11. U

    P1 Motors wont start!

    Hi all, ive recently purchased a Phantom 1 as my first DJI product and was having some issues with the motors failing to start up via the controller. i have calibrated it and the compass along with updating it but if i unplug it from the pc after doing a motor test they fail to work at all :S...
  12. O

    Looking for Phantom 1 non-self-tightening rotors

    I've been very happy with my Phantom (original) drone but had an issue where the propellers were damaged. I tried finding replacement parts and ordered "9450 Self-tightening Propeller Blades" after being told they were compatible with the Phantom. They're not. Well, they're half compatible...
  13. C

    Phantom crashed and won't take off

    I got my first drone, a phantom 1, about a week ago. Its been a blast, and I love it. It came with three batteries but one of them was a bit bloated so I hadn't tested it out till yesterday. Everything was going fine till the drone just dropped from the sky onto a tree and hit the ground hard...
  14. T

    Fitting go pro hero 3 to FC40-1

    Hi not sure if this has been asked before Apologies if it has I have a phantom FC40-1 and I'd like to fit my GoPro hero3 to it, with wifi dongle etc, is this possible? If so does anyone know the best mounts to use etc?
  15. S

    Phantom 1 in a Mavic Shell?

    I have my old Phantom 1 lying around (with a gimbal, transmitter and receiver) and it is my backup drone. Selling it would really not bring in much. If I am lucky, i could buy a spare battery. The Phantom 1 is still useful for aerial photography if not so much in video because of its stability...
  16. AerialDroneChannel


    I have a new Youtube Channel Solely dedicated to Aerial shots. Because i'm in Colorado I'm going to start with footage there but if it expands maybe I could travel more. I'm going to start uploading content next week!! -Aerial Drone Channel
  17. gringorio

    P1, P2 etc. Tucson, AZ

    Hey ya'll, Selling a bunch of R/C stuff, including an original P1 and a P2 as well as a couple electric gliders and indoor copters/quadcopters. Make an offer! CL Link: R/C Phantoms 1 & 2, Radian, Calypso, Nano QX
  18. M

    Will P v1 receiver work on a v1.1.1?

    One of my pigtail antennae's ripped off the pigtail connection from the receiver board itself during a crash. I have found a good bundle deal for a new shell and a receiver but the receiver is from a v1 with only 1 connection from the reciever to the naza. Does the v1 receiver have less range...
  19. A

    SR6 replacement controller?

    I broke my SR6 controller and can't find a replacement online. I already ordered 2 controllers and both were falsely advertised, as DJ6 controllers arrived on my doorstep. Anybody know where I can find a replacement?
  20. N

    ***RESOLVED***HELP! Newbie - - - NAZA issue or...

    Hey everyone! I've been wanting to jump to a phantom or 3DR for a while, but due to sheer cash with things being tight, it hasn't happened... until now! FYI this might be a slightly long read due to writing down all my thoughts in this... I picked up a "for parts" original Phantom (confirmed...