1. Jthomp

    Customizing the drone body colors

    The P3S is very hard to see in the air if there is an overcast sky, and even harder to get a good visual orientation under that condition. Was wondering if anyone has had experience using a dye to color the two of the motor arms so that the operator can tell which direction the drone is facing...
  2. tml4191

    Can we dye p4p props like p3?

    The finish seems to be different on the p3 props, but will this technique still apply to the p4(p) props?
  3. D

    Pink Camo Hydro Dipped shell

    So, I got into drones from rescuing two of them from the pawn shop. the pawn shops got jipped because they didn't know how to look for damages. all they wanted to see was it fly. Damage Assessment: Cracked GPS, craptastic soldering jobs on wiring inside, and a broken battery connector with...