dji phantom

  1. M

    Phantom 4 Pro+ hardly used FS

    Originally planned to use this for taking video of properties and monitoring our farm. However, ive put maybe an hour of flight time on it in a year and it deserves a better home. In basically new condition, never crashed, comes with the following. Original carrying case the Manfrotto backpack...
  2. H


    I am a 14-years-old dutch boy and i love drones. On my 10th have i my first drone and now i have a DJI Phantom 3 SE. Sorry for my bad English i'm Just 14?
  3. S

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ for sell or trade

    Hello I have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ that I love dearly. I have however realized I am not getting enough out of it (mostly flying in circle in my backyard) I realized it's too much to take it hiking as it requires break down and set up since I only travel with it in its carrying case. Therefore, I...
  4. A

    DJI Phantom pro 4 v2.0

    Hi can someone help Just got this phantom pro 4 v2.0 Returned The Mavic Pro 2 cause I really like this phantom a lot more and videos just seems so much more crispy and clear. Anyways my question is my phantom seems to drift when it’s hovering and I have no clue why no other of my drones do...
  5. Rohanm

    Drone survives epic crash - have others had this good fortune?

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone (sunhans boosted) survived a crash into a chimney of a DECOMMISSIONED power station. Crash was caused by loss of signal and RTH. The drone bounced on impact, tumbled and fell, though recovered soon after, returning minus an LED cover and with torn transfers caused by...
  6. T

    Where can I replace these wires + need info

    Hello, my P3 se crashed and I need to replace the antenna wires that go in the gimbal and through the legs. Im talking about a black and gray wire. I have found several websites that sold these wires but the were only 4 gray wires. Are these wires the same except for their color? black wire gray...
  7. A

    Dji software caused to lost my drone

    I lost my Dji phantom 3 advanced some hours ago. The app just crashed on Google Pixel XL, Android 8.1, Feb patch with the lastest Dji software before phantom 4, updated all the time. Why they are not responsible for their software? DJI Flight Log Viewer - DJI Flight Log...
  8. Bill The Drone Reviewer

    When Will We See The Phantom 5 ?

    Here is what I know about the DJI Phantom 5 along with several images of what the Phantom 5 may look like. From my sources I am hearing a 2nd quarter release so stay tuned !
  9. Skyer

    Drones in the neighborhood

    Hi there! I imagine this is what a real life SimCity neighborhood would look like. This is the first video I post combining shots from both my DJI Spark and Phantom drones. As always, thanks for watching. Any comments, questions, Likes, and new subscribers are much appreciated! Skyer
  10. E

    My Phantom 4 fell out of the sky above Skogafoss Waterfall in Iceland

    Hey guys on my recent trip to Iceland here was a technical error in my drone and it disconnected random and fell from the sky. My friend was also flying his Mavic Pro when it happened and managed to capture this crazy footage, I uploaded it to YouTube here >
  11. T

    Selling Phantom 3 Professional bundled with many accessories

    Selling my DJI Phantom 3 Professional bundled with many accessories. Here are the items you see in the photo: 1. Phantom 3 Professional 2. Phantom 3 Remote Control (Return-to-Home button sunk in but fully working) 3. 2 x Intelligent Flight Batteries (+1 Spare - slightly faulty) 4. Phantom 3...
  12. B

    BRAND NEW DJI Phantom 4 Pro+

    I just bought a brand new phantom pro+ and my job required me to move to the philippines. i just found out drones arent allowed there. it would take me weeks to get a refund and i paid the greater part of the total with gift cards and a couple of hundreds with my credit card. also i cant use the...
  13. L

    Need some advice on the Phantom 4 Pro - used

    hi Guys, I had my Phantom 4 since new, but a recent deal came up on a phantom 4 pro. Looking for some advice from the pro guys just so I can test the unit thoroughly. My only concerns would be getting a bird that falls out of the sky since its been abused or ESC/ Motors failing. Seller...
  14. G

    Dji Phantom 4 Video Choppy on Playback but not in Live View.

    Hey everyone. I recently bought a Phantom 4 Pro and have had this problem while panning during videos and other motions. No matter what settings I change or what I play it back with it is always choppy. I'm using the Lexar UHS-I 16gb card that came with it with the correct double shutter speed...
  15. N

    Phantom 4 Gimbal Problem + Calibration Error

    i had recently purchased the phantom 4 about a week ago and it has been working fine until the gimbal started to not work. On the DJI GO app there was no warning tell me that the gimbal has a problem but on the start up, it will sometimes not move or it will move but end on a 30 degree angle...
  16. O

    Crete in 4K (Phantom 4 Pro)

    Hey guys, visited Crete last week with my Phantom 4 Pro, and just wanted to share this video, I made from my holiday. Feedback is very welcome :D
  17. droningandmore

    Lost my drone in the Arctic

    In September 2016 I had a nightmare flight in Beechey island, where my drone got completely crazy and did not respond to my commands anymore. I landed in the sea. I noticed later in the flight log that there was a compass error after I started the flight... the wind carried the drone and there...
  18. D

    CANADA TO KEY WEST - Amazing Drone Footage (DJI Phantom)

    Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
  19. Hatwaks

    Stolen Phantom 3 Pro in NJ

    I know this is a long shot but I figured I would do what I could. If there is even a slight chance that this turns up online or at a pawn shop I know I tried.
  20. D

    For Sale , DJI Inspire, DJI Phantom , F450, F550, S1000, Ronin, Tarot

    I am an active hobbyist and have accumulated a ton of stuff over the past 20 years. I am moving in the next month and had my brother in law create a website with all my stuff. i still have left a few phantoms which i can sell cheap, these are older ones but the Phantom 2 is nicely upgraded...