Phantom 1 GPS and Compass Calibration + Fitting Propellers

Mar 31, 2015
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On my transmitter the instructions tell me to quickly switch the control switch from ATTI mode to GPS ATTI for 6-10 times. There are [2] ATTI positions: middle and bottom. So I quickly switched from top GPS to bottom ATTI and the LED turned yellow. When I rotated the craft repeatedly horizontal, 360 degrees, the light never went to green - stayed yellow, so I couldn't go beyond that point.

Also, the instructions for fitting the propellers are confusing. The schematic shows separate nuts from the propellers, but on mine, they're fixed black or white, into the plastic. It tells me to make sure the rotary mark on the propeller is the same as the mark on the frame arm... but there are TWO arrows on the propeller... going in opposite directions: one with a lock icon and one with the lock open. I assummed the lock icon means it's the way to get the propeller ONTO the screw. So, I did that and it seemed to work. I assume the opposite arrow is to match the motion of the motors, which it does after I secured the propellers. Did I do it right?
When I rotated the craft repeatedly horizontal
Try rotating one full turn and then stop and wait for the lights to flash green.

I assummed the lock icon means it's the way to get the propeller ONTO the screw

(Note: You might get better help if you post your P1 questions in the P1 forums.)
thanks so much, re: detouring me to P1 forums... I finally scrolled down and found them.

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