Original Long Range Phantom Windsurfers 3 mile's plus. 1/4 price of dbs/fpvlr mods. FREE GIFT!!

Nov 5, 2015
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Northern Mich
This simple Parabolic refractor will significantly increase your controllers range without any modifications to your controller & at a 1/4 of the price of DBS, FPVLR & other mods. It slips over your antennas, so no need to void dji's warranty buy drilling holes in your controller like DBS, FPVLR & other mods require. It works by focusing the signal that would normally be transmitted 360 degrees & lost behind you, back in the direction of your Phantom.

Here's the signal strength without Windsurfer and with the windsurfer .

ImageUploadedByPhantomPilots - DJI Phantom Forum1442449470_464868.jpg
ImageUploadedByPhantomPilots - DJI Phantom Forum1442449500_117466.jpg

I offer 3 styles that mount differently with the same performance & fit great in your case! These windsurfers can take your phantom over 3 miles in optimal conditions. This is further then your stock battery can go and return your phantom safely.

Record Distance 20357.jpg

You also get a FREE ANTENNA SPACER with purchase of a windsurfer to use when the windsurfer isn't necessary. It Slips over the ends of your Antennas to keep them parallel to prevent them from getting knocked out of alignment during flight. There are Many different colors to pick from.


I've sold over a 1,000 so far with great reviews, many from this site.
If you need to go further than 3 miles you will need Modified dual batteries & I would recommend the DBS mod with my RP-SMA plugs so you don't have to drill into your controller and void your warranty.(also available on website)


You can find all these items and many more at
Dynamic 3D Solutions

Thanks for looking and safe flying.

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Parabolic reflectors have to be the best results for not only the $s, but the effort, maintaining OEM hardware, and battery drain.
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Cool stuff.... however on your USB cord wrap I'd rather spend $4 on a shorter USB cable than wrap the stock USB cable into an electric "coil". I'm not an electrical engineer but I've always understood that coiling anything that carries electricity and related to data transmission has the potential to degrade the signal. Not trying to bash your product.... I would just not coil mine, regardless.
looked on your site and it appears the p3p&p3a are discontinued. let me know if im looking in the wrong place. i'm interested in the Parabolic refractor

got it. I had not had enough coffee this morning. I saw the "discount thru site" and I read it as discontinued....

Ordered a split windersurfer kit. Thanks and appreciate the quick response.
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Mine just arrived yesterday! Cannot wait to take the P3A on a long range adventure soon.

Very well made. Thank you so much!
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