1. D

    I get too short distance , please help..

    I live in CE area , i use MP to change to FCC 27dbm + windsurfer Latest firmware 1.9.20+ and latest app DJI GO i got 250m and RTH kicks in... did i already make it right ??? is it now in FCC ??? please double check for me, what should i do to make it long distance ?
  2. K

    D.I.Y Windsurfer VS Purchase Windsurfer ! Which better?

    Test between DIY Windsurfer VS Purchase Windsurfer , do you think purchase range booster windsurfer is better ? the answer is not really...
  3. S

    Will the windsurfer range extender makes livefeed more stable?

    Does the windsurfer range extenders from amazon (skyreats)makes also the livefeed from my iPad mini 2 more stable? Sometimes my livefeed is freezing for 3 secs and it will be back to normal and when it freezes(im doing for about 1000ft distance and 350ft altitude and then im panicking lol. And...
  4. K

    DJI Phantom 3 | Range test with and without D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster! 40% flight Range increase!

    the range test between with and without D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster, The result show 40% flight Range increase with D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster! :) how about your guy range test with D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster?
  5. Mr. Salty

    Iowa's Ledges State Park

    Like a lot of people I picked up a Phantom 3 Standard on Black Friday. Living in central Iowa, it's been frustrating finding weather good enough to fly in. Sunday wasn't as warm as forecast, but I still went out for a short flight at Ledges State Park near Boone, Iowa. I'm still getting used to...
  6. Numone

    First Flights with a Windsurfer-WOW!

    It was a beautiful day here in Surrey, England on a Friday - 10c, zero measurable wind and a cloudless blue sky. So, I decided it was worth a go at a couple of flights with the Windsurfer. Its one of the really cheap foldable units from Gearbest which was a couple of quid. I had to file out the...
  7. WetDog

    Windsurfer reflective surface considerations

    Many of the threads on the Windsurfer type antenna booster talk about the kind and arrangement of the metallic material used as the reflector. Typically aluminum or copper tape or sheet is used. One area of concern is how smooth the surface needs to be in order to prevent losses from spurious...
  8. dynamic3dSolutions

    Original Long Range Phantom Windsurfers 3 mile's plus. 1/4 price of dbs/fpvlr mods. FREE GIFT!!

    This simple Parabolic refractor will significantly increase your controllers range without any modifications to your controller & at a 1/4 of the price of DBS, FPVLR & other mods. It slips over your antennas, so no need to void dji's warranty buy drilling holes in your controller like DBS, FPVLR...
  9. neilc


    What is the point in adding a range extender to a P3s, when the max distance is only 500m anyway ? Or can you over ride this setting ?
  10. R

    Homemade windsurfer results

    Best range without windsurfer was 2200 feet out at 350 feet altitude. I would normally average 1800 feet. Using a homemade windsurfer I could get 3112 at 350 altitude. This is in a fairly wooded area keeping LOS at all times. Considering the landscape, I'm pretty sure there were fresnel...
  11. D

    Windsurfer Range Extender - Aluminum

    Windsurfer style antenna booster made of aluminum. Slides over the RC antenna for extra range. Comes with hard shell case. Never used. Note: I never actually used this but always kept it in my DJI hard shell backpack with me. So for those that say the DJI backpack cant hold anything extra...
  12. J

    Phantom 3 Pro, Headplay HD & More for sale

    Well as much as I love my p3p, I just cant justify the cost anymore. Plus I live in Wisconsin and its cold right now and its a pain to fly it until spring so that isn't helping either. Here is what I have: Phantom 3 Pro, purchased on 8/10/2015, never crashed or hard landed 2 batteries DJI hard...
  13. RF Guy

    Antenna Booster Analysis

    Hey guys- ( pre-apologize for the length of this- but it might be useful) I'm a new P3P owner and it's a rainy day. I'm also an RF engineer. I've spent 4 decades optimizing signals / antennas / transmitters / receivers. The Windsurfer style antenna boosters were a great idea for the Phantom...