antenna amplifier

  1. K

    Long range antenna

    Does anyone know what antenna below $40 can give a good budget distance. Im not looking something like Maxxuav or Titan. Just need a good budget antenna.
  2. D

    What is considered good range in the City?

    I'm curious what is considered good range in a crowded city with apartment buildings, trees exct. So far I have done the following modifications Both 2.4ghz antenna mods with Amps and same on the 5.8ghz. I have Alpha panels and upgraded the 2.4 GHz birdside antennas with P3 pro antennas. (Pics...
  3. B

    Best DBSMod Add-ons

    Hey Guys - I purchased and installed a DBSMod a few months ago for my Phantom 3 Standard. Unfortunately, the range increases weren't as large as I had hoped. So, I wanted to post to see what (if anything) you would suggest in addition to the DBSMod such as specific mini-amps, drone-side...
  4. P

    Antenna Boost / Range Extender for P3A

    Hello! I´m looking for a range extend for my Phantom 3 Advanced. Here what I found: - - DJI - EvoLite Kit Plus -...
  5. L

    Antennas and 5.8 ghz mounted on a pole?

    Been thinking about this for a while, would it be possible to mount a 5.8ghz ariel on a tripod mount then a pole up to the top to increase height and give further reception coverage? like a mobile ariel that can be eventually screwed into my transmitter or into a signal amplifier like a 20w...
  6. dynamic3dSolutions

    Original Long Range Phantom Windsurfers 3 mile's plus. 1/4 price of dbs/fpvlr mods. FREE GIFT!!

    This simple Parabolic refractor will significantly increase your controllers range without any modifications to your controller & at a 1/4 of the price of DBS, FPVLR & other mods. It slips over your antennas, so no need to void dji's warranty buy drilling holes in your controller like DBS, FPVLR...