1. Nowelly

    Quick review: FPVLR Circular Polarised antennas for Phantom 4 Professional

    Why bother with circular polarised antennas? Well - for those who know about radio transceiver systems, it all boils down to three elements: range, signal strength and reliability, and penetration. But there is more also. The linear stock antennas, regardless of whether you have parabolic...
  2. PainterPilot

    FPVLR Drone Antenna $95

    I bought this antenna originally for my 3DR solo drone but ended up getting a Phantom 4 and didn't feel the need for it. This has never been used. FPVLR sells this kit for $140+. (Which it what I spent) I would like to get $95 for it. Let me know if you have questions. -Brian
  3. J

    DBS ITElite or FPVLR?

    Check out the comparison video below.
  4. Ed209

    9.23mi 40min Flight - Midnight Skunk Works!

    EDIT: Video posted. Took the SOLID P3A out to 9.23 miles tonight. A direct result of the collaboration of some of the brightest, most innovative and "balls-of-steel members" (you know who you are), "Midnight Skunk Works" has achieved a major accomplishment in less than perfect conditions...
  5. dynamic3dSolutions

    Original Long Range Phantom Windsurfers 3 mile's plus. 1/4 price of dbs/fpvlr mods. FREE GIFT!!

    This simple Parabolic refractor will significantly increase your controllers range without any modifications to your controller & at a 1/4 of the price of DBS, FPVLR & other mods. It slips over your antennas, so no need to void dji's warranty buy drilling holes in your controller like DBS, FPVLR...
  6. hblink93

    P2V+ parts for sale

    Crashed my P2V+ in the wet mud. All internal aircraft electronics, camera, and gimbal are trashed (water intrusion and corrosion.) Please contact [email protected] with inquiries and offers. Here's what is intact and of "saleable" quality: 1. Aircraft shell, top and bottom, landing struts...
  7. S

    FPVLR Air Side Booster Mod Install help

    Hi all, this is my first time posting because this is the first itme i could not find what i needed through the search....anyway i bought the air side booster mod from FPVLR.com (link) and i knew that it wouldn't come with installation instructions, but i cant belive that there isn't anything...