long range fpv

  1. S

    Unlock 32ch great result

    I just unlocked dji go app to 32 ch to recieve signal better.what a great result! My bird is PT 3 adv all stock from box and flied in same area.She can go 4.5 km after 32ch before that she can go only 2-2.5 km in this area.
  2. dynamic3dSolutions

    Original Long Range Phantom Windsurfers 3 mile's plus. 1/4 price of dbs/fpvlr mods. FREE GIFT!!

    This simple Parabolic refractor will significantly increase your controllers range without any modifications to your controller & at a 1/4 of the price of DBS, FPVLR & other mods. It slips over your antennas, so no need to void dji's warranty buy drilling holes in your controller like DBS, FPVLR...
  3. Billzness Adventures

    Dji Phantom 3: Standard Range Tests: Stock/Windsurfer/New Antenna: Video

    All tests are in the same place, in city with some interfere, Ce Europe Greece 1) Stock Antenna Range test: 2) Windsurfer Antenna, after this try in video i tried also 1 more time with bigger windsurfer this time and could get 50~100 more meters. 3) Upgrade antenna and wifi to 7 dbi from...