Gimbal drift issues (cautiously optimistic that I solved the issue)

Apr 9, 2015
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I found a forum in the general forum (not sure why it was there, I wasn't the OP) about major gimbal drift / tilt issues on the P4P. I sympathized with the OP about it, because I had the same issue. Here is a video of what I was experiencing last week.

Today, I'm happy to report that I think I found a fix (at least it worked for me). I would like to do some more testing before I emphatically say my issue is gone, but today when I flew, it was a million times better. Some of you may have heard of this method, but I went extreme and was super careful to get a perfect IMU and gimbal calibration. Here's what I did.

1. Went to Lowes and got a 18" x 18" pane of glass (probably could have been a little smaller too, but it worked). Also got a bubble level and a mini torpedo level.
2. Still have cold nights here, so set the drone outside for a few minutes to get it cold before IMU calibration.
3. With drone still off, I balanced my pane of glass on top of the 4 motors and set my bubble level on it.
4. Used playing cards under the landing gear to get a perfect center on the bubble level. Also checked with torpedo level for good measure.
5. Removed the glass pane without touching the drone, and placed it on the ground.
6. Again used my levelers to get the pane of glass perfectly level on the ground (if your house is like mine, it's nearly impossible to find any table or floor that is 100% perfectly level).
7. Turned on drone and immediately began IMU calibration. Kept drone in place thru step 1 of calibration.
8. Then I used my level pane of glass on the floor for steps 2 thru 6 of IMU calibration.
9. After that was done, I put the drone back on the floor and glass back on top of motors. Leveled it again using bubble leveler and playing cards.
10. Gimbal auto-calibration.
11. Flew again this morning, and my gimbal was remarkably better. It was level, and even more importantly than that, it did not tilt and sway as I yawed the bird.

I still want to fly a few more times before I say it's definitely fixed, but I was very happy with today's flight compared to last time I flew. I hope this info helps you guys with the same issue!

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