1. Z

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard Gimbal Pitch/Tilt Issue.

    Okay, so I had a pretty bad crash with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Gimbal plate broke, flex cable and 2.4Ghz antennas ripped right out of the gimbal and stripped the connectors off the end that connects to the logic board of the gimbal. The plastic connector on the gimbal logic board was ripped...
  2. C

    Roll motor overloaded + tilted

    I've been having problems with my p4 for a while now. My gimbal started by "bouncing" during flight and sending me gimbal motor overloaded warnings. I did some research and decided to replace the yaw arm (because it was bent), the roll motor, and the gimbal ribbon cable. I did so and have seen...
  3. T

    Can anyone help me with this? Camera tilts I when I gain altitude?

    hi guys, I flew my drone today, it was cold around 32F (0C) and I had been flying for around 5 mins, I did warm mothers up etc before hand. flight was going well, until I tried going high. I was probably at around 900ft which I know is too high before anyone comments. anyway I noticed my camera...
  4. acebattiste

    Vertical Gimbal Tilt Not Responding to Touch

    I have a new P3A and the vertical/pitch gimbal tilt is not responding to the touch pad indicator on the DJI GO app. I can move the gimbal from 90 degrees to 180 degrees with the C2 control but when I swipe down on the control ledger on the right side of the screen, the gimbal doesn't move. I...
  5. R

    Gimbal drift issues (cautiously optimistic that I solved the issue)

    I found a forum in the general forum (not sure why it was there, I wasn't the OP) about major gimbal drift / tilt issues on the P4P. I sympathized with the OP about it, because I had the same issue. Here is a video of what I was experiencing last week. Today, I'm happy to report that I think...
  6. W

    Gimbal Tilt issue

    Hey Guys! I'm new to the forum, thanks for having me. I was messing around with my Phantom 4 pro one night, and ended up in the gimbal settings. Smoothness, tilt...etc. Unfortunately I wasn't paying much attention to what these settings were doing to my gimbal. I'm afraid I have set the gimbal...
  7. FlyingWingman

    Gimbal unbalanced - causing video capture to pan to the right?

    Hey mates, Some time ago I made a rookie mistake and tried to fly my P3S off a narrow balcony. A gust of wind took it sideways and it crashed into the railing with reasonable force. The yaw arm was broken at its thinnest point, as were two propellers, but I fixed both of those issues, or so I...
  8. A

    Gimbal no tilt...have video but no tilt on camera

    I have video feed but the camera will not move at all with the dial on the remote. I even have gimbal pan follow when I move the stick but absolutely no movement up or down on the camera with the dial. Is it he cable? Please advise. Thanks.
  9. N

    Walkera gimbal Up-Dwn level holding problem - PLEASE HELP!

    Hello guys! I am newbie to Dji phantom drones.. I bought P2 vision with modified gimbal and camera ..original was removed , Walkera 2D gimbal and for xiaomi and gopro was installed... Gimbal by itself works perfectly fine, all axis are stable and camera stays still... but when I...
  10. tml4191

    P4P Stationary Drifiting Video..How do I fix this?

    I decided to make a quick time lapse of another hobby of mine using the p4p, and after reviewing the video, I've noticed that the camera shifted to the left and a little to the right towards the end of the video. Here is a video, which was originally about 7 minutes long, sped up into a time...
  11. B

    Phantom Tilted (entire drone, not just horizon)

    Hey everyone! I've been a lurker here for quite some time and have often resisted the urge to post as you guys have complicated so much information here I have almost always been able to find an answer to just about any question. However, after only a few flights with my Phantom 4 i've been...
  12. B

    litchi waypoint s6 tilt

    When creating waypoint in LItchi with samsung s6 and desiring to tilt -45 degrees, is there a way make the degrees negative so it will tilt down?
  13. V

    Big issue with the gimbal of my P3P !

    Hi, yesterday morning as usual I turned on the RC and then the Phantom, but the gimbal was acting very weird. I haven't crash it yet (I've got the drone since a few weeks only and never had a problem with it) so I don't know anything that could explain it.. Here is the problem: the camera can't...
  14. S

    Camera automatically tilting downward

    Ok.. I have search the site and could not find anything that fits this problem. I just upgraded to the latest firmware last night. I recallibrated the compass and tried to fly tonight. The camera starts off pointing forward, everything looks good, then it slowly starts moving downward until it...
  15. Sim597

    Should I exchange my P4 for another?

    So look, I am running out of my 45 return exchange policy, and I THINK my bird is 100% it has about 35 miles under its belt and about 10 hrs (I'd have to look for exact because of the P3P I exchanged once already for this is incl. in total) but anyway, you guys get what I am saying, risk the...
  16. S

    Drifting Problem Indoors Phantom 4

    I've noticed that occasionally when I start my Phantom up inside my work shop that often times it hovers perfectly in place and other times it tilts (usually forward) and takes off flying at a walking pace. It is never locked onto GPS indoors (steel building) but why would it decide to take...
  17. M

    Tilting the camera

    Hey guys! Im have a little issue with the tilt of the camera when im connected and flying. If i have the drone in the air, connected to the app and everything works. Im having the issue that i can ONLY tilt the camera within the VISION app. But since its hard to make a good shot with one hand...
  18. 480sparky

    P3P Camera not responding correctly

    Last night I was trying to get some aerial footage of a Chri.......... errrr........ Nondenominational Winter Holiday Celebration.......... light display. I was getting very aggravated with how my camera was responding to my command to tilt down. It either would not tilt down at all, move in a...
  19. E

    Gimbal tilt problem

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of some help. I recently had to send my phantom 3 professional into drone nerds for repair after a minor crash. The fella at the shop said nothing was actually wrong with the unit, he just had to reset the case because of some separation in the body seams. Anyway...
  20. M

    Tilt Camera problem

    hey guys, hope somebody can help. have don the latest firmware update v1.4.0010. After a few problems the update txt file says succeed.(also while updating the camera was vibrating for a while) But now when I start the phantom the camera makes some strange movements shaking and then tilt down...