1. Araya38

    Phantom drifting down

    Hey flyers. So I took one of my phantom 3 standards out today and I noticed as I was flying away from me in the forward position it started drifting down towards the ground. I tried it once at 50’ height and once at 100’ high. Both times it slowly drifted to the ground. I did notice on the...
  2. T

    Had a fight with 'auto-land'

    A friend saw and admired my P3A, so he went out and bought his own P3P. I think he had a minor crash with it (he can be a bit hashy) and then complained that he "couldn't see the picture any more" and asked me if I could take a look. He lives in France (and doesn't speak a word of English - fair...
  3. D

    Phantom 3 Standard yaw/turning 'drift' ?

    Hey guys, Has anyone else experienced a kind of 'drift' with the Phantom/Camera? For example, in this video I recorded earlier today, I yaw/turn right, but the camera or drone immediately drifts back to the left?!? Does anyone know what adjustments would be needed to correct this? Thanks!
  4. R

    Gimbal drift issues (cautiously optimistic that I solved the issue)

    I found a forum in the general forum (not sure why it was there, I wasn't the OP) about major gimbal drift / tilt issues on the P4P. I sympathized with the OP about it, because I had the same issue. Here is a video of what I was experiencing last week. Today, I'm happy to report that I think...
  5. Evan Bashirian

    Phantom 4 won't hold altitude?

    i have had my Phantom 4 for about a month now. This is my 2nd Phantom 4, so I have experience with the behavior of both. This post is in regard to my 2nd P4 drone. The problem that I am struggling with: When the drone is in P mode and airborne, I make a change altitude (10ft or more)...
  6. J

    Directional Issues

    Good Afternoon, I have begun to experience some problems with the aircraft not responding correctly to joystick inputs. Many times when I push forward on the right joystick the aircraft will move not only forward but to the left or right sometimes more than it moves forward. If I release the...
  7. AndersE

    Camera alignment error

    I recently noticed that the camera isn’t facing straight forward. I’m not sure if it has been like this from day one or if it’s a new problem. I have never crashed and I’m always careful when I transport the drone. I have also seen that the camera OR the Phantom pans when you stop in midair for...
  8. S

    Drift (with GPS) and squeaky rotor after fitting ImmersionRC and iOSD mini

    Hello everyone, apologies for my first post being a request for help, but I'm somewhat baffled by what's up with my Phantom 2, and I'm eager to get it up-and-running again. I miss flying :( Yesterday, I popped the top off my Phantom 2 and I performed a few upgrades: Fitted a mini iOSD, which...