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Getting my P2 w/ h3-3d today!

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by dbolner, May 13, 2014.

  1. dbolner

    Mar 17, 2014
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    When I get the phantom from the store and bring it home, what is the correct order of setting up the thing the right way, so I don't run into any problems... I haven't purchased any FPV equipment yet, because I want to master flying the phantom before I make the investment in FPV gear. Anyways, any help will be appreciated and I look forward to working with you guys more when I get it!!

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  2. UrAwFuL

    Apr 18, 2014
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    Los Angeles, CA

    Everything is actually set-up right out of the box. The only thing you need to do is put batteries on the controllers, charge the Phantom battery, and install the propellers!

    Propeller Hint: You'll see a black dot on the top of screw mount = that's where black propeller goes.

    While waiting you can read the manual and watch some videos (takes less than 1 hour if the battery was charged half way), then I'd connect the Phantom to the computer and do updates and calibration!

    IMU Calibration Hint: Find a flat table that is leveled. You might have a phone app or physical bubble leveler that will make sure the surface is level (90 up and 180 degrees flat).

    Do a compass dance outside and you're ready to fly! :lol:
  3. madsonp

    Apr 26, 2014
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    Montana U.S.A.
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