Feb 4, 2017
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So I am taking a week long vacation to the Big Island in Hawaii but I am wondering the best way to fly there. I know there is very strong trade winds (I've been there). What would be the best approach on flying there so my phantom doesn't get swept away? There is a pattern I have noticed where the trade winds come in during the day and are calm from around 7:30PM-8:00AM but that doesn't really help except for sunset shots. Whats a way to do it during the day? Also, how would I go with packing my drone along with 2 batteries for the plane ride?

Above is the wind pattern over 10 days by the way. Thanks.
I don't know about the wind but when carrying batteries I put them in what I call lithium fire proof bags for big batteries like phantoms. Though they are just like regular portable chargers which I can carry in a carry on just fine. You can look the bags up and they let you on with those
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The best way to fly there? Boeing, of course!

Thank you folks and don't forget to tip your waiters.

But seriously, low winds at sunset and sunrise combine to give you the best conditions (wind and light) to fly. Take advantage of the long shadows from above!

Here's how to approach high wind flying. I prefer a headwind going out and a tailwind coming home. Fly into the wind to get a feel for the conditions until you're comfortable. If the wind is too strong, at least your quad is coming towards you.

If the wind is taking your drone away from you try changing altitudes and coming out of GPS mode.

You may be surprised at how much wind a Phantom can handle.

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