1. K

    Trading/Selling my phantom 4 pro - $900 OBO

    Hey I would like to trade or sell my phantom 4 pro for $900 OBO. It will come with an extra battery and a carrying case (Lykus backpack). I'm also looking for a mavic pro with the dji goggles OR just the mavic 2 zoom. I've probably flown my p4p ~10 times, it's in great condition and will come...
  2. T

    Looking to trade my Mavic Pro with Hard case, extra battery, and more for one of the Phantom 4's

    I have a mavic pro with extra battery, nice hard case, sd card, and multiple little accessories for a Phantom 4 Advanced or Pro.
  3. A

    Looking to trade P4P+ for smaller drone (Southern California)

    I bought a brand-new Phantom 4 Pro+ (the one with the built-in tablet) back in September for a roof inspection project with the idea that I would keep it after the project for general travel photography. The roof project finished and now I have some international travel coming up and I realized...
  4. J

    Trade my phantom 4 for a mavic or dslr

    How's it going! I have a ph4 with 4 batteries, two backpacks, 3 battery charger hub (plus controller charger) antenna ampifiers, gimbal guard, brush guards, 3 sets of propellors, and a few other goodies to trade! I love it, but I thought I wasn't going to hike a travel as much as I have been and...
  5. B

    STILL FS: Selling a P4, Flight Time < 3 hours, Lots of Bundled Extras

    In short, I will be traveling increasingly more and need to flip my P4 for a Mavic a Pro. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this drone and I'm more than happy to provide as much proof as needed to justify the purchase. Including Flight Logs and detailed history. This is simultaneously...
  6. C

    Phantom 4 trade for a Mavic Pro

    So I recently purchased a P4 and I love it so much. The only thing is, I also carry around other camera equipment, so its very hard to bring the P4 around. The reason I would like to trade my Phantom 4 for a Mavic is because of the portability, It would make everything so much easier. Message me...
  7. D

    Wanted: Phantom 4 Pro Remote

    Looking for a P4P remote (one without the display). I do have a P4 remote which I could use for trading. Also I have a P4P+ remote (with the display), which I could be interested in swapping with. I am based in the UK so ideally someone in the UK, but again I'm pretty flexible. Cheers, Dave
  8. W


    Hello, I am currently looking to trade my inspire 1 v2 for a phantom 4 pro. My inspire 1 v2 is in like new condition. Please get back to me if you have any questions.
  9. Q

    TRADE DJI Phantom 4 plus extras for camera

    I have a DJI Phantom 4 with a DJI backpack and an extra battery. Everything that normally comes with the quad is also included. I am in Houston but am also willing to ship if you have a good trader rating. I would love to trade it for a nice camera (an upgrade to my canon t3i) such as a 5d mark...
  10. D

    Flying in Hawaii with Wind

    So I am taking a week long vacation to the Big Island in Hawaii but I am wondering the best way to fly there. I know there is very strong trade winds (I've been there). What would be the best approach on flying there so my phantom doesn't get swept away? There is a pattern I have noticed where...
  11. Skyler King III

    Trade my MINT Phantom 4 for Mavic

    I want to trade my MINT Phantom 4 (under DJI Care) with 2 batteries, controller, case etc for a Mavic Fly More combo. If interested, contact me via PM. I live in Connecticut USA.
  12. thefrisbee995

    Swap Mavic Fly-More For P4P? (South England)

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro I paid £1560 for just before xmas brand new and it is in excellent condition now. I would like to swap for a Mavic fly-more kit. I can post pics if interested but I haven't flown it much. Literally just want to swap because I am a developer and need to be able to carry a...
  13. DigitalSkyPilot

    FOR SALE NEW P3 Advanced Camera and Gimble

    I have a new in the box P3 advanced camera and gimble. Shipped to you for $275. PayPal
  14. tml4191

    Entertaining possible trades..I need a laptop/High end PC

    I might be open to trade my basically new p4p for a high end laptop/desktop that can edit smooth 4k videos/gaming. I'm located in Southern California, so I rather meet in person, but online trades are still welcome. PM or leave me a message regarding full specs/offers. This also has the HDMI...
  15. M

    Looking to trade AR-15 for Inspire in good shape

    I have a Stag Arms Model 3 AR-15. Gun is about 3 years old about 150 rounds shot Scope ACOG is 4x32 about 2 years old not sure of the model but works great. 493 rounds of ammo 10 of those are ballistic Gun is very clean. When shot the gun was cleaned the same day 2x 30 round Magpul mags 1x...
  16. A

    New in box platnum gold Samsung S7 Edge for trade.

    I got a new platnum gold S7 edge bought from sprint for 845.00 plus 55.00 tax. Comes with all accessories and manuals. Comes with a full-size USB adapter. Great for tuning pids. Only opened the box for pics been in the box sense. Looking for P3 pro or adv with extras - inspire. Let me know what...
  17. J

    I want to buy a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries

    I am looking for a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries. I do not want a huge package deal, I am trying to minimize cost. I just want the bare minimum amount of things needed to fly (controller, phantom 3 and batteries (and a charger)). I also have a P2V for sale with 3 batteries if...
  18. P

    TRADE: my phantom 3 standard (DBS mod) for your advance or pro plus cash on my end

    hey guys,its my first time posting on here after a few weeks of lurking and im just trying to get some trade offers for my phantom 3 standard i will post my craigslist ad link so you can see all the pictures, its in great shape only about a month old but im looking for more range, so a trade...