1. jboyd23

    Retiring Pilot's last flight

    Just wanted to share a video I helped put together for a friend honoring a retiring pilot after a 44 year career.
  2. B

    Guide for Phantom 4

    My brother has just gift me this P4 as a birthday gift. He told me to try figure out how it work on my own. I have to say. After reading the manual countless times I still struggling on how to effectively use this. Is there any thread on this site that have a complete guide for P4. Thank you.
  3. ppina

    Royal Air Maroc and Drones

    Dear Sir or Madam, We thank you for choosing Royal Air Maroc Concerning your request, we inform you that you can not have a drone in the flight of Royal Air Maroc. We remain at your disposal for further information. Yours sincerely Royal Air Maroc callcenter
  4. S

    This is why we can't have nice things - Drone nearly hits passenger plane landing in New Zealand

    I was just reading the latest article regarding a near miss of a drone with a commercial airliner. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. It's because of the people who think that it's cool to fly drones within 5 meters of an aircraft. Drone operators should have some common sense, no? This is...
  5. Flying Dre

    Drone and Travel

    Hi guys, Whoever is interested, I wrote a piece about my experience of traveling with a drone here. I didn't have any issues taking my drone from Melbourne to Europe with stop overs in Vietnam, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, France and Iceland. A part from a few questions here and there it was...
  6. M

    Antigua, Caribbean drone rules?

    Hi All, I am travelling to Antigua and wondering what rules apply there in terms of customs etc? and if local authorities get involved with drone use. I plan to adhere to the general drone code, and this is for personal use not commercial. I have emailed about 8 different figures and public...
  7. D

    Flying in Hawaii with Wind

    So I am taking a week long vacation to the Big Island in Hawaii but I am wondering the best way to fly there. I know there is very strong trade winds (I've been there). What would be the best approach on flying there so my phantom doesn't get swept away? There is a pattern I have noticed where...
  8. Phantomix

    P4 chasing plane?

    I fly RC planes at a club, and usually there aren't many people there, if sometimes none. My friend often flies my rc planes often asks me to record the plane while chasing it with my P4. Is this a bad idea?
  9. B

    Days flying with friends, ended up in a few crashes and a tree top rescue

    Took the P3 Advance and a few planes for a fly last weekend to make the most of some nice weather in the uk. Friend was trying out his new FPV wing........ ended up in a few crashes and a late night tree top rescue.
  10. flyNfrank

    P3 Spots Plane

    On occasion I will see either a plane or helicopters that appear to be below the 400ft altitude mark. You know since you have been flying your P3 you have a better idea what altitude height levels are just by looking in some cases. A week or so ago I was making some test flights near my usual...