1. N

    Experiences with flying drones in China

    Hi. Im going to be flying a DJI Spark in China in few days. (I noticed that there’s a separate forum for spark users but ignore that part for now) Has anyone had any experience of bringing a drone to china? Such as airport security
  2. T

    App for calculating Bearing and Distance?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a free IOS app that will show bearing and distance from a given airport designation to your GPS location? I have B4UFLY of course as well as AirNAV FBO for airport lookups. Seems like there would be an app somewhere that would show your location and give a...
  3. R

    Drone forbidden in certain countries... but so are parts?

    Hello everybody! We travel around with a drone (we don't have a "base" to return to after every trip) and we find ourselves in very inconvenient situations when we want to go to a country where drones aren't allowed. We are wondering if traveling with drone parts instead of a whole drone would...
  4. D

    Calling all Airports!!!

    Hello everyone! I live in a small town in the Willamette valley of Oregon, and I have a job to shoot a real estate drone video with my Phantom 3. Trouble is, this house is in the center of town, within 5 miles of 3 different airports! Two are privately owned, and one is owned by the city, but...
  5. Capitan Bastos

    Coming Home - A Bastos Movie

  6. B

    How to Fly Phantom *2* in Restricted Airspace?

    Hi all, I am a licensed Part 107 pilot and I applied to the FAA for, and was recently granted (yay!!!), a waiver to fly in restricted airspace near a Class E airport. Having dealt with the FAA, now I need to figure out how to get my bird to actually fly there. :-( Since the Phantom 2 doesn't...
  7. D

    Flying in Hawaii with Wind

    So I am taking a week long vacation to the Big Island in Hawaii but I am wondering the best way to fly there. I know there is very strong trade winds (I've been there). What would be the best approach on flying there so my phantom doesn't get swept away? There is a pattern I have noticed where...
  8. Griffin D

    Class D Certificate of Authorization - Approved!

    Last month, I filled out a COA to fly in Class D airspace. I was very specific with where my flight activity would be, and I made sure to explain my safety mitigation plan. I also went into detail about how I will follow the Performance Based Standards. Yesterday a representative from the FAA...
  9. T

    Airport near marina/docks

    Dumb question alert There is a small airport that has very little activity within 5 miles of a marina full of charter/crab boats where you can get some really cool photos... Do I call that nearby airport and ask for permission to fly around the marina? Any ideas how to ask? TY!!
  10. D

    Drone Travel Info

    Hi all, In prep of my first trip abroad with my drone (which I'm very excited about by the way!), I have been doing some research into how best to travel with a Phantom and, although I've found the info needed, it's not always been so easy to find, so I made this video to try and assist others...
  11. D

    Travelling on British Airways with Phantom 4

    I've got a fair bit of travel planned in the next year, all with British Airways, starting in December, and I'm trying to find out about travel restrictions and taking the drone with. From what I gather from the BA website, there are certain restrictions on batteries that if I comply with, I...
  12. N

    Travelling to US via Doha, Qatar

    I'll be travelling to US via a stopover in Doha, Qatar. I understand that drone laws are extremely strict in the Middle East. I'm not even planning to fly the phantom there. Anyone with experience travelling via Doha airport carrying the drone? I really want to take it to the US but heard many...
  13. A

    Phantom 4 in Checked Luggage

    I am flying from Toronto to Paris (Charles de Gaulle) in just over 24 hours, en route to Edinburgh. I have a Phantom 4, its controller, minimal accessories and two batteries that I have stored in the original grey styrofoam shipping box (once the price of the ThinkTank Helipak goes down I will...
  14. H

    Warning about taking phantom through UK security

    This is just me trying to help others so they don't have the same thing happen to them. Basically east Midlands airport security wouldn't allow my drone in my hand luggage despite the fact that I had checked online to see what things were allowed by Thomson airways and they didn't say anything...
  15. davoud

    Disagreement with FAA Re: Airport Distance

    The FAA's B4UFly App shows that I live in a no-fly zone within a five-mile radius of BWI; about 4.5 miles. This measurement is incorrect. Using the FAA's own published coordinates for BWI from AirNav: KBWI - Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and my own precision...
  16. Alothan

    Fighter jets scrambled after recent drone sighting over Ottawa, Canada

    NORAD scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets into the skies over Ottawa on May 25 after reports of a large drone flying near commercial jets. Fighter jets scrambled after recent drone sighting over Ottawa | Toronto Star
  17. I

    No Fly Zone(s) Question

    Hello pilots, I have a problem that would change a lot about where Im allowed to fly. So basically I live about 3/5km (2/3 miles) away from Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) and on websites such as these 2 (examples): 1. Drone Wetgeving en Regelgeving 2016 in Nederland 2. Wet- en regelgeving rond...
  18. I

    Airplane travel for P4

    So I am about to purchase a P4 and I think that I want to be able to take it on a Airplane. What do you guys use to carry it? Is the included styrofoam case good enough? or do I need to buy a backpack? also do you guys check your drone or take it as a carry on? Thanks All.
  19. bicyclenut

    Positive Experience with ATC at local Airport

    As I live about a mile from a medium/small (200-300 flights a day) airport I decided it was a good idea to speak directly with management and/or the FAA control tower to determine what preferences and criteria they have for drone flying in the immediate and 5 mile range of the airport. On my...
  20. kennedye

    ATC: establishing a "mutually agreed upon operating procedure"

    One of the revisions in last year's updating of AC 91-57 talks about what to do if you regularly fly within an airport's radius (for instance, if you live there). This is different from the previous rule which required notification every time: Has anyone talked to their nearby tower about...