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  1. N

    Magic Mod on P3 Standard 1.9.20

    Apologies for another magic power thread but I am having some issues. I am on firmware 1.9.20 but I cannot use the magic powers mod. I have drilled down and worked out that I cannot telnet into the drone. I can FTP but not telnet. I'm guessing this is something put in by DJI but does anyone...
  2. R

    No positioning ATTI and 0 satellites recognition after crash

    Hello, I'm very new in drone world and i've mainly started with a crash. So, the flat wire connecting the camera broke and I've changed it all, camera seems to work fine and mov correctly but after this, when turning on my Phantom 3 std, the screen shows no positioning ATTI and the most weird...
  3. PaddyDelmar

    Pricing a Phantom 3, standard 4K

    I have discovered that if I do more then use the computer to fly my drone it will invariably end up in trouble. Fortunately, most encounters have been evergreen trees that have left little real damage other than blades and the guards. I am replacing some of the parts on my Phantom 3 Standard 4K...
  4. thegeekunderground

    [SOLD] Qty 4 Phantom 3 batteries 4480 mAh, 100w charger, DJI backpack, 6 new props, guards, GetterBack

    For sale I am offering this bundle of extra Phantom 3 accessories left over from before I upgraded to a M2P. Included are: Qty 4 OEM Phantom 3 standard/advanced/pro batteries. Charge counts of 15, 23, 42, and 55 cycles. Always stored at 50-75% charge (3rd light blinking) Qty 1 OEM 100w...
  5. S

    Phantom 3 standard connection N/A

    Hey there I had issue with connexion between aircraft and RC in app RC solid RED No information in app , no camera feed , no information, distance, battery...the signal Is N/A But RC work with aircraft correct I can control with it and gamble and camera moving but aircraft flying with limited...
  6. D

    Advanced Gimbal Issue After Crash

    Hello, everybody. Being straight up to the point. I crashed my Phantom 3 Advanced against a building facade and it collapsed into the swimming pool. So, I put it into a bucket filled with silica (a drying material) for about 7 days. Well, the drone came back working almost normally except its...
  7. VisionShop

    Looking for a 4k camera/gimbal for my P3 Adv used or new

    Looking to upgrade my P3 Adv to a P3 Pro camera. Anyone have a guaranteed working camera gimbal?
  8. ExallRoofingLtd

    Left side of picture out of focus - P3P

    Hi Guys! I own a Phantom 3 Professional and i've been using it to take aerial photographs, however in all pictures the left hand side of the picture is blurry and out of focus compared to the right hand side. Is this normal or is there a setting where I can adjust this? Thanks for your help...
  9. T

    Phantom 3 4K firmware update without VPS module?

    Hello! Anyone has an experience about software update with VPS module disconnected? I red a warning in another thread but did't get the answer what could happen if I'd try to update. I believe/hope an update would cure connectivity issues I have, my VPS module is dead, have ordered a...
  10. M

    P3 standard | Problem with preview

    Hi, I have a problem with my drone connection. Whenever I try to pair it with my phone (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s), the preview starts lagging horribly and sometimes I lose connection in the midst of flying. I tried many apps and other's phones but this problem only occurs on my phone (on all apps that...
  11. D

    Standard No Video Transmission Signal

    I haven’t used my P3S since the summer, and today I pulled it out to make sure it was working fine since I am taking it on a trip. When I connected, it said No Video Transmission Signal without any video feed. The odd part is when I was trying to fix it, I restarted it several times and suddenly...
  12. D

    Standard DJI Phantom 3 Standard: Range is less than 200 feet, Constant Connection Issues

    I'm having several problems that may all be related: I experience "signal lost" status and RTH kicks in whenever I fly about 200 feet away. I constantly have "Strong Interference: Fly With Caution" no matter where I fly (city or rural). I almost always have either "Weak Image Transmission" or...
  13. NG Phantom

    Standard Gimbal/camera sometimes jerking to the side during flights

    Hi, I've been having an occasional problem with the gimbal/camera jerking to the side whilst flying my P3s. I've done both IMU and gimbal calibrations but it has still happened after doing those. Some people report this issue when using ND filters and other attachments but I had nothing attached...
  14. U

    Professional No camera feed

    I've recently had to repair a few elements of my gimbal due to a crash. All seemed okay yesterday, gimbal was stable and camera was working all as should be. However, today I went for a flight and got no camera feed, just a black screen with a dji logo in the center. No matter how many times...
  15. M

    What's special about the P3 SE ?

    I hope other p3 se owners help me with this because I'm really confused !!! Lately, I bought the phantom 3 SE knowing that it was the most recent phantom 3 ever made ( so logically it was the most expensive too...), knowing also that it came out after the phantom 4 I thought that it would be...
  16. Jasonrowphoto

    The Frozen Black Sea

    From a couple of years ago. When the temperature is lower than -15C for 3 or more days, the Black Sea freezes over. Its quite a spectacular sight. This was taken with my old Phantom 3 4K flying in -18C. No issues other than reduced battery life.
  17. V

    Phantom 3 jerking/shake

    After one crash I have problems with my phantom 3 standard. It do not hold altitude and whole body of phantom is jerking. Compass was calibrated and IMU too. All flight was in p-gps mode. Does anyone have solution for this problem? Video link:
  18. V

    Firmware mod help from P3 folks - Vert speed up/down limited?

    Hello folks, I have an Inspire 1 that I have modded the same way you would on a P3. I'm posting here because there is a much larger knowledge on the P3 side than on the I1 on these matters. I have modded the I1 to enable larger vertical speed as below (hoping to get 8m/sec up and down from the...
  19. D

    Looking to buy damaged Phantom 3 batteries

    Hello, I am looking to buy Phantom 3 batteries working or not working. but for a cheap price. also take swollen batteries. Thanks
  20. C

    Phantom 3 gear (backpack, remote, batteries, etc.) Everything but the drone! $390

    Selling a whole set of used gear for the Phantom 3 Professional--hardshell backpack, remote control, 3 batteries, 3 propeller sets, power adapter and other replacement pieces. It's everything but the drone (which I crashed into a river)! See the list below for descriptions and additional...