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  1. NG Phantom

    Standard Gimbal/camera sometimes jerking to the side during flights

    Hi, I've been having an occasional problem with the gimbal/camera jerking to the side whilst flying my P3s. I've done both IMU and gimbal calibrations but it has still happened after doing those. Some people report this issue when using ND filters and other attachments but I had nothing attached...
  2. U

    Professional No camera feed

    I've recently had to repair a few elements of my gimbal due to a crash. All seemed okay yesterday, gimbal was stable and camera was working all as should be. However, today I went for a flight and got no camera feed, just a black screen with a dji logo in the center. No matter how many times...
  3. M

    What's special about the P3 SE ?

    I hope other p3 se owners help me with this because I'm really confused !!! Lately, I bought the phantom 3 SE knowing that it was the most recent phantom 3 ever made ( so logically it was the most expensive too...), knowing also that it came out after the phantom 4 I thought that it would be...
  4. Jasonrowphoto

    The Frozen Black Sea

    From a couple of years ago. When the temperature is lower than -15C for 3 or more days, the Black Sea freezes over. Its quite a spectacular sight. This was taken with my old Phantom 3 4K flying in -18C. No issues other than reduced battery life.
  5. V

    Phantom 3 jerking/shake

    After one crash I have problems with my phantom 3 standard. It do not hold altitude and whole body of phantom is jerking. Compass was calibrated and IMU too. All flight was in p-gps mode. Does anyone have solution for this problem? Video link:
  6. V

    Firmware mod help from P3 folks - Vert speed up/down limited?

    Hello folks, I have an Inspire 1 that I have modded the same way you would on a P3. I'm posting here because there is a much larger knowledge on the P3 side than on the I1 on these matters. I have modded the I1 to enable larger vertical speed as below (hoping to get 8m/sec up and down from the...
  7. D

    Looking to buy damaged Phantom 3 batteries

    Hello, I am looking to buy Phantom 3 batteries working or not working. but for a cheap price. also take swollen batteries. Thanks
  8. C

    Phantom 3 gear (backpack, remote, batteries, etc.) Everything but the drone! $390

    Selling a whole set of used gear for the Phantom 3 Professional--hardshell backpack, remote control, 3 batteries, 3 propeller sets, power adapter and other replacement pieces. It's everything but the drone (which I crashed into a river)! See the list below for descriptions and additional...
  9. lucasudd

    Standard PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    Hi! I have a problem with my p3s, it looks like its wrong calibrated or something (as you can see in the video below)... I tried many times to calibrate both gimbal and imu. Havent work. And i have never crashed the drone so there shuold'nt be any damage. What can i do? VIDEO:
  10. F

    Powering up my camera through Drone Battery

    Hello, I want to power up my camera. The camera is not a go pro and there is no need to attach gimbal unit with that. Its a fix camera being mounted on my Phantom 3 advanced. I want to supply power to the camera through drone battery. I saw a usb point on the drone and was wondering if it can...
  11. soter79

    GREECE !!!

    Hello guys I'm living in Athens - Greece , I've bought few days ago one phantom 3 standard second hand and I'm planning to take good aerial videos and pics . I have also one hubsan H501S standard for training because the cost of the batteries and the cost of the damage is significant lower...
  12. PhantomWetSuits

    NEW product - Phantom Rain Rescue Jackets - designed to float your phantom.

    We are super Excited about this new product , its going to be a game changer for those that fly over the water, the river, the lake, and the oceans. THINK RESCUE Yep were talking about the Phantom series drones landing in the water indefinitely ready for rescue Were talking about landing...
  13. N

    SOLD Phantom 3 Advanced + DJI Backpack

    Used for just over a year. In great shape. Never any issues and never any crashes or hard landings. No cracks, scratches or dings. Flies great. The gimbal wheel in the RC is not working. Ready to fly. Includes the following: Phantom 3 Advanced (2.7k) 16GB SD Card Batteries x 1 OEM Charger (Not...
  14. Jerry Shadrick


  15. respibob

    $200 OBO Smart Power Charger Phantom 3

    I am selling my Phantom 3 SPC as I have sold my Phantom and have no more use for it. Works like a charm and no damage whatsoever. The SPCp3 is a commercial grade QUAD Charging Station designed and built exclusively for the DJI SMART BATTERY (LiPo) that is used in your Phantom p3. This system is...
  16. Z

    Advanced Does anyone have a P3A camera + gimbal for sale?

    Recently crashed my P3A and completely broke the gimbal, Would offer up to £180 depending on the condition All the parts are discontinued so cannot buy one from dji Many thanks, Zack
  17. L

    N-Number Transfer

    I'm pretty new to the drone scene. I'm currently in the process of getting my Part 107 license, but I purchased my Phantom 3 Pro used with someone who had it registered with an N-Number. How do I transfer that N-Number to me? Thanks in advance.
  18. A

    DJI phantom 3 pro won’t connect to the app

    So I’ve experienced the infamous (controller connects to the drone but does not connect to the app) issue. I’ve done ALL of the troubleshooting options that DJI gave me. I’m thinking that the issue is in the usb board on the back of the controller. I ordered and new board on amazon. I think it’s...
  19. HomeyJay

    Phantom 3 pro purchase. Can you help please?

    im looking to get into flying drones but I’d rather not spend too much money on this as it may all end in tears or non-usage! I’ve seen a bunch of P3 pros on Facebook and a few local sites going for around £400, which is at the very top end of my budget. Is there anything that I should look out...
  20. ferdz

    Return to Home using the S2 switch without the gimbal

    Hi, i just have a Phantom 3 Standard and broke the gimbal but it is still flying and the GPS positioning works, my question is will the RTH works by using the S2 switch method? since the RTH button not work on the app.