1. Hodge

    Signage when flying drone

    Hello, I was looking at the regulations that my park district has for flying a drone on park district property, and one of the rules is to have "signage should be near the location on the day and time that the drone is flying over. Sign must be pre-approved by the XYZ park district" I have...
  2. A

    Need help with an editing "Transition"

    Hi im new here and also an amateur dji phantom 3 pilot but im trying to get into it a little more. I am wanting to know if this type of edit would be possible or is it really difficult. I am trying to transition smoothly into a go pro's footage from a dji. I know it sounds crazy but this video...
  3. S

    Flying In Sydney East and the Harbor

    I got this wonderful email from an American national who is travelling to AUS and wanted some information on flying in Sydney Harbor. While talking to this guy I decided to create a really helpful info pack about flying around Sydney Harbor including secluded spots to fly from, where to fly and...
  4. M

    Phantom 4 advanced vs pro

    Which one do you prefer?
  5. odannyj

    Christmas Tree Fly by

  6. odannyj

    How kids react to my drone

  7. tml4191

    Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor's Mjolnir

    Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor’s Mjolnir - WeTalkUAV
  8. E

    Phantom 3 cannot take off

    Hi everyone, I have a Phantom 3 Advanced which I have owned for over a year. I've performed many flights with this Phantom and not had any issues. I use the Litchi app because I like its features. Starting 2 days ago I cannot get the Phantom to take off. Usually what happens is when I perform...
  9. D

    Droning as a media business idea

    Hey guys My buddy and I are new to the drone world. We had an idea to use drones to fly around with a flag or advertisement of some sort around populated areas. Here is a link to the survey, if you have additional comments or drone specs that we didn't address please comment below, we'd love...
  10. See Norway

    SeeNorway do it AGAIN!

  11. CrazyEye

    Video Feed Freezing - Any one else get this?

    Ever since I upgraded my tablet to a recommended one on DJI's list I have had the app freeze up on video input and not display a streaming video. For example, when I was at wheel of misfortune; I'm doing a circle above it looking down and next thing I know is I'm "not" moving. Its only showing...
  12. See Norway

    SeeNorway - FLYING under a bridge in Drammen

    Hi all Phantompilots :) I flew under a bridge multiple times in this video with no complications. Footage from a city south of Oslo called Drammen. Please sub if you like, cheers. SeeNorway on YouTube
  13. D

    Flying in Hawaii with Wind

    So I am taking a week long vacation to the Big Island in Hawaii but I am wondering the best way to fly there. I know there is very strong trade winds (I've been there). What would be the best approach on flying there so my phantom doesn't get swept away? There is a pattern I have noticed where...
  14. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Flying over csx train with Phantom 4 Drone

  15. PilotRyan

    Strobe for your Phantom

    Hello Phantom Pilots My name is Ryan, owner of MultiRoto a US based manufacturer and designer of the PROLITE strobe and navigation lighting system. I started out creating lighting solutions for FPV, LOS, and freestyle flying but are expanding the products to include other UAS, UAV, and drones...
  16. P

    DJI P3 2.7K - Dallas TX - Lake Cliff Park - Finally Fixed Premiere Export Settings (I'm New!)

    I finally fixed the export settings on Adobe Premiere so that my video isn't potato quality! It still isn't perfect but I am learning! Please any feedback is very welcome!
  17. G

    Flying in Costa Rica

    Is anyone aware of the flying regulations and rules in Costa Rica? Is there anyone with experience and how was it, if so. I have tried to do some research with mixed results some say it is just the usual rules but I also something where you need a license so I'm a little confused. Thanks in...
  18. P

    Video of the 90 Mile Beach in Australia

    Feel free to give me some feedback on my video Thankyou!
  19. philkalarovich

    Whats the best tablet for a P4 Pro?

    Just wondering what everybody is using as far as a tablet goes and what kind of tablet requirements are needed for optimum flying? Thanks for the input!
  20. M

    First time flying over water

    Hi, I just got a phantom 3 standard for Christmas and it's my first drone so I'm a bit of a noob at flying. I've been flying pretty often on beginner mode but my Dads canoe club are going canoe surfing at the beach tomorrow. They want me to make a short promo video of them with my drone to...