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DJI NAZA accessory pinouts (reference)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ElGuano, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. ElGuano

    Sep 4, 2013
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    I took pictures during my last build, so I thought I'd post them up in case they'd be a good reference.

    Here's a compilation of the pinouts for various DJI NAZA peripherals. Hopefully it'll be a useful reference for tweakers and modders out there, and will save you the trouble of shaving injection molded plastic connectors. But it's always a good idea to verify pin-outs with a multimeter!

    Some of the pictures are from the top of the connector, some are from the bottom. Apologies for the inconsistency, but I've tried to note it in each case.


    Puck from left to right: Yellow, orange, red, brown (Low, High, V+, GND).

    4-pin NAZA (EXP) connector (from top): Red, orange, yellow brown (V+, High, Low, GND).

    PMU V2:

    PMU from left to right: Brown, orange, yellow, red.

    4-pin NAZA (EXP) connector (from TOP): Red, orange, yellow, brown.

    LED V2:

    LED from left to right: Yellow, orange, brown, red (LED1, LED2, GND, V+).

    4-pin NAZA (LED) connector (from top): Red, orange, yellow, brown (V+, LED2, LED1, GND).

    iOSD mini:

    iOSD mini from left to right: Yellow, orange, red, brown (CL, CH, V+, GND)

    4-pin CANBUS connector: This will ALWAYS be: V+, GND, CH, CL
    (image from CANBUS thread in Multirotor/Mutirotor Electronics forum)


    This cable throws you for a loop. You notice that there is a GREEN cable rather than orange on the BTU side. But on the NAZA side, it's the standard red/brown/yellow/orange cable. You have to strip a little more away to get a better picture:


    At the BTU side, the GREEN wire is actually YELLOW. And the YELLOW is actually ORANGE. I know, right? Lesson: Always double check cable continuity, either by stripping away the wire sheath or using a multimeter. Anyways, the pinout is as follows:

    BTU (left to right): Brown, orange, yellow, red (GND, CH, CL, V+)

    CANBus cable: as before, with clasp facing up, left to right it will always be: Yellow, orange, brown, red (CL, CH, GND, V+). Note picture is from the bottom.
  2. OI Photography

    Sep 23, 2013
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    Clarksville, TN
    Nice! Bookmarked.
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