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My Customization - H3-3D gimbal with analog output + phantom2 + lightbridge

Discussion in 'Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D GoPro Gimbal' started by gaucho, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. gaucho

    Apr 14, 2015
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    the HDMI cable used to connect the gopro to the lightbridge is easy to be broken.
    For this reason, not needing high resolution video on the ground (i record over the gopro sd card) i made possible to connect the analog video output of the gopro on the lightbridge.
    The usb port of the gopro has the following pinout:

    Using this schematic I was able to find the video and ground wires on the 6 pin cable coming out from the H3-3D gimbal.
    the video is on the last pin and the ground is on more than one pin.
    The video and ground finally arrives on the phantom2 connector.
    But i found that video and ground goes out from the CAM connector.
    On the following picture you can see the connector where the h3-3d gimbal is connected and the connector CAM where the video comes out.


    I just made a cable from the phantom board to lightbridge analog video input that you see in the following picture.


    and now my phantom don't have the annoying hdmi cable between lightbridge and gopro camera. of course the low video resolution that you will see on your android app It could be a limitation, but not in my case because I use images on the app just to drive my copter.

    the cable is done this way: the pin of the CAM connector close to the red arrow in the image is the video pin (this pin must arrive to the central pin on the 3 pin connector on the lightbridge)
    the ground is the pin next to video pin. with a multimeter you will find that also other pin on the 6 pin connector are shorted to ground (starting from the opposit side, in example, pin number 3 is also a ground).
    the ground should go on the lightbridge (analog video input connector), next to the video pin (left or right, no matters)

    easy no?

    p.s.:it's clear that I found at home the 6 pin connector for the phantom board and the 3 pin connector for lightbridge. If you don't have them, order them from ebay or just cut the gimbal cable on the phanntom side and search on your phantom and lightbridge components, cause i'm sure you will find the 3 pin connector for the lightbridge side.
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