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  • Buongiorno, mi chiamo Mauro, sono qui a disturbarla perche' sono arrivato "alla frutta" col mio vision plus. Ho letto e riletto la guida, ho prog. senza errori, ma nella verifica scrive unknown image type... e qui mi sono arenato... ho provato a usare lightbridge, ho caricato con loader uimage che era presente nel suo file, ma niente... chiedo aiuto non so piu' che fare...
    Grazie in anticipo
    Oi Gaúcho,
    Semana passada comprei um Lightbridge1 e não consigo conecta-lo pelo celular (connection broken), por HDMI não sai nada na TV e no Air o Led de Video fica vermelho. Pode me ajudar? Por favor, peço sua ajuda pois estou precisando do equipamento que acabei de comprar, rsrsrs.

    Marcelo Plano Geral
    hi gaucho,

    I have buyer a new fop module, what I can do to export the uboot file and reload in my failure module?
    I read other people have same problem with p2v+ V3. We can use my new fop board to helming them too.

    Thank's, Giovanni
    hi, I have phantom 2 vision + v3
    after flashing:

    Loading from nand0, offset 0x4a0000
    ** Unknown image type
    Wrong Image Format for bootm command
    ERROR: can't get kernel image!

    Loading from nand0, offset 0x900000
    ** Unknown image type
    Wrong Image Format for bootm command
    ERROR: can't get kernel image!
    Dji-Pro #

    I must replace the board?
    We have taken notice of the exceptional LB reverse engineering you've done and would like to discuss an opportunity to involve you in short- or long-term paid LB consulting. Due to the open nature of this posting we can not post direct contact info. Drop a note to us at [email protected].
    I read just now. if still interested write me a private message
    Hi gaucho

    please can you help me on your thread lightbridge firmware PROBLEM (and solution) - firmware version not found by dji assistant tool

    I'm a frenchy and I can't solve my problem with your tutorial... can you give me your opinion ?
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