day2: P4P ripping around Alberta foothills to the Rockies

Feb 20, 2017
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Opening shot is a -1:1 reverse shot, to keep props out of my view as I hit 82 kph. This is the only speed editing done in these shots. Fairly haphazardly cut down and thrown into sequence. No real narrative. Sorry I haven't taken more time to edit yet.

This was mostly a training exercise, putting the aircraft through her paces. I learned a few things. In terms of camera movement, I needed to lower expo for yaw even further. I have since done so, but I still wish I could turn it down more. It would be nice also to have a "rate" coefficient I could apply like I could with a racing quad in BetaFlight. No exponent, just a linear coefficient.

I also learned a bit about range in varying terrain. It took me a while to find some open country where I had decent LoS. Unfortunately I'll be stuck in valley floors for the most part until weather gets better for a while. Really looking forward to summer though when I can get high up on ridges and peaks for some really epic shots.

Most of what I learned was about my personal "outdoors gear setup" when carrying a drone, landing tarp, and anything else I wanted into the bush for a few km in weather below freezing. I may put together a more vlogg-ish video of ideas about that setup down the road.

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