1. OOO


    Thank you in advance for your comments, contributions and criticism. Please watch in 4K. 1st version 2nd version
  2. Wjm

    The Summits - Ovronaz Switzerland

    The summits of Ovronnaz; The Muveran massif hosts the few summits of the Vaud Alps which reach the 3000 meter limit. Others peaks: Six Armaille, dent de Favre, dent de Morcles, Haut de Cry, Pointe de Chémo, Tête Séri, l'Ardève. Please let me know what you think about it Thank you for watching
  3. OOO

    Broken Heart

    Dear Friends Due to some health related issues I haven't been able to post any video in the past year. The footage was recorded with P4P from multiple locations in the last 6 months. All clips were corrected for exposure but no other color correction/grading was applied. Please watch in 4K. I...
  4. MTO

    Echo Lakes, Sierra Nevada

    Hey everyone! My wife and I went for a drive this weekend to Echo Lakes in the Sierras and this is what we saw. Part 2 coming soon!
  5. Wjm

    Switzerland - Mayens-de-Chamoson

    My first try with After Effects… Please let me know what you think about it!
  6. Green Phantom

    Beautiful Norwegian Fjords Mountains

    loved this place, wish i had more footage. Short video but gives you a glimps of the dramatic landscape there. Thanks for watching Andy
  7. Green Phantom

    Norwegian Fjords - Mountains of Flam

    I visited 3 places with the drone when on holiday in the Norwegian Fjords, this is the 1st of my videos
  8. MTO

    Sierra Nevada Mountains

    The Northern Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe, CA. It was very smokey and hazy from numerous wildfires, which was a bummer but it did add a mystical effect. It was a lot of fun flying this fpv with the DJI goggles!
  9. O

    Cinematic Drone Footage - Enoch, Utah | Towns in 4K

  10. Wjm

    Switzerland - Derborence Lake

    Two immense landslides occurred in 1714 and 1749 at the Diablerets. At the time these mountains were called Rochers and Scex de Champ, and the landslides were considered to be works of the devil. The mountains were consequently renamed Diablerets, Devils Mountains. The 100-metre-high mounds of...
  11. OOO

    Pokut Plateau

    Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy the video. Please watch in 4K. Thanks, Location: Pokut Plateau
  12. OOO

    I Can Fly

    It was fun to hike, climb and film. I hope you enjoy it. Please watch in 4K.
  13. Wjm

    Switzerland - Lavaux

    Lavaux - unesco world heritage site
  14. D

    Cloud Sea Sunset

    Here is a video made from footage from flights over Yushan National Park last month. Enjoy.
  15. OOO

    The Edge

    Hi, This place is like a heaven for a person who loves cliffs, streams, waterfalls, canyons and mountains. I hope you like it.
  16. HermitPurple

    First Drone Footage!

    Shot this in the mountains of NC. Would love to hear everyone's opinion on it. Any constructive feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Watch in 2k for best quality Filmed the morning after Eclipse, Phantom 3 Advanced. ND 8 Filter, 100 ISO
  17. J


    Who's up for a road trip?
  18. OOO

    Beyazsu Plateau

    Just enjoying my drone! Thank you in advance for comments and/or advices. Please give me some feedback on color correction.
  19. OOO

    Flying above the clouds

    Hi I shot this video just before sunset. At the end of the video you can see a few sunset shots. What do you think about colors? Any suggestion? As some of you already know that I'm a colorblind person and trying to improve my color correction skills. Thanks in advance for the comments.
  20. Hammer

    glacier lakes in the back country

    I hiked my P4 17km up a mountain to take some video of Watersprite lake. hope you enjoy. feedback is welcome. also the hiking footage is obviosly not from my drone